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2 Mazi restaurant is one of my latest discoveries! So many cosy modern restaurants nowadays, popping up in Athens pay heed to design and decorate their interiors with great attention to presentation, quality and taste. Well, one such is the 2 Mazi Restaurant which characterizes exactly this sophistication. During our recent short trip to Athens and in the capacity of a food critic I had the opportunity to experience a Degustation menu.  My instinct once again did not go wrong. The service, the location, the tastes and everything else was exceptional.

2 Mazi restaurantThe restaurant is found on the outskirts of the historic Plaka in a quiet neighbourhood just 5-minute walk from Syntagma Square.

2 Mazi RestaurantThe lovely court-yard and summer seating

2 Mazi RestaurantThe lovely courtyard is beautifully lit, with creative touches of arty décor that add style and comfort and create a pleasant and inviting ambience. This little oasis setting is found between two neoclassical 19th-century buildings, the one being the main (winter) restaurant. The place has a very strong art direction and I can’t miss mentioning the incredible fusion soundtrack that with no doubt pleases eclectic music lovers.

2 Mazi Restaurant – Athens, Greece

2 Mazi RestaurantBecause I mostly like nibbling, I requested once again portions to be smaller, so have this in mind when looking at my photos. The refreshing aperitif cocktail we have is the perfect way to start our 5-course menu along with some welcoming starters.

2 Mazi RestaurantsWith a creative twist of classic Greek dishes, the menu is based on Greece’s most eclectic ingredients. The chef Kimon Ligdas emphasizes the essence of unique indigenous herbs and blossoms and delicacies from local producers.


2 Mazi RestaurantThe cold Tomato Soup bursting with flavour was rich in texture and very refreshing. I can’t think of a better way to start a proper meal. Ingredients although simple were incredibly tasty. A chunky texture and the lavish use of cherry tomatoes, cheese, vinaigrette and aromatic herbs made it irresistible.

2 Mazi Restaurant2 Mazi restaurantThe Greek Salad was outstanding with an exquisite flavour. Ingredients although simple were incredibly tasty. A chunky texture and the lavish use of cherry tomatoes, cheese, vinaigrette and aromatic herbs made it irresistible! We paired our Salad with ‘Thivaiki Gi’ Malagouzia Assyrtiko.

2 Mazi RestaurantThe Octopus Braiser stood out in presentation and taste and definitely it is a dish not to be missed. Served with Santorini Fava Dip, – (split yellow peas) red pepper coulis, caramelized onions, herbs and chive oil. I would expect the octopus slightly softer but on the whole, the dish was finger-licking good. Pairing wine Moschato Alexandria -Limnia Gi.

Main Course

2 Mazi RestaurantMy choice was fish, and I had the Sea Bream with bio Beluga lentils with cuttlefish ink. Superb quality, the succulent filet was cooked to perfection. The garlic confit and carrot sauce with grated bottarga, complement the flavour and support the fish very well. An unbeatable dish…big thumbs up! Pairing wine from the collection of K. Lazarides, Assyrtiko – the Chateau Julia.

2 Mazi restaurantService was top notch. Waiters were visible without being intrusive, aware when we emptied our plates but refraining from immediately whisking them away.

2 Mazi restaurantThe Lamb Leg was my husband’s choice. I could not resist not having a bite or two. I found it divine and my husband loved it. The meat was flavoursome and deliciously moist, almost melting in the mouth. It was accompanied with hazelnut flavoured orzo, parsley coulis, herbs and Domokos soft yummy cheese. Highly recommended for meat-lovers. Pairing wine, the Cabernet Franc and Merlot from Thivaiki Gi Tripio Lythari.


2 Mazi restaurantLike always I prefer the lightest as the possible option, and I opted for the Rice Pudding which exceeded my expectations in taste. Topped with green tea foam and mint, artfully decorated with edible flowers, and at the bottom, flakes of chocolate. Wat a super yummy delight that was!

2 Mazi restaurantThe Broken Olive Oil Cake was my husband’s choice. Tiny pieces of cake mixed with orange confit and orange mousse flavoured with tarragon encircled a ball of chocolate ice cream. Superb and mouthwatering!

2 Mazi restaurant Fine Richly Sweet Dessert Wine

2 Mazi restaurantThe menu from the street (summer seating)

2 Mazi restaurant
The courtyard’s main entrance


If you are looking for Quality Gourmet Cuisine in a relaxing environment, this is the place to be. With top-notch service, the staff are trained to execute perfection. Quality, Service and Ambience come together to fulfil every guest’s desire for a tasty meal flavoured with that distinctive sizzle and aroma. Well prepared dishes were beautifully presented and perfectly proportioned. Food was a little above average but it was well worth the price. Besides, what we pay is what we get!

Disclaimer: I was a guest at the 2 Mazi Restaurant – Athens, Greece during this visit, but the opinions expressed in this article are, as always my own.

Phone and Reserve Your Table +210 3222 839

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