The Classic Taxi Tour!

3 means to enjoy the old city of Havana are to be considered: If you don’t want to pay a fortune for a driving tour when the majority turn to walking tours after 3 or 4 miles, then simply hail one of the hundreds of classic car taxis. I remember how we hopped in the coolest old convertible, for a quick sight-seeing taxi tour ourselves.

The classic City tour

3 means to enjoy the Old City 3 Means to enjoy the Old City of Havana

On the alternative for a Classic City Tour Smart Travelling highly recommends the Havana Vintage Car Tours. Ernesto is beyond knowledgeable and a great guy.

Taking a Walking Tour

We had our own travel guide from Greece along so this was not a problem for us, but the Free Walking Tour could be a great choice.

3 Means to enjoy the Old cityAnother option, the Urban Adventures who are super knowledgeable and speak great English.


If you have used any of the 3 services above and want to tell us about it you are welcome to share it with us


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