Exploring Adonis Trail!

Walking the Adonis Nature Trail Polis is one of my priorities on this last trip to Polis Chrysochous. I am staying once again at the Aphrodite Beach Hotel and it is an amazing day today. I don’t want to leave without walking the trail.

My hunger for adventure centres on the Adonis Nature Trail Polis but always when I am here I wonder how on earth I can do it. I cannot definitely take a risk and walk all the way on my own. I need some company, perhaps if I am lucky I can join a group from the hotel.

I am through with breakfast and back in the room to get ready for my morning stroll when my eyes catch a group of Austrians leaving the hotel grounds. “This could be the opportunity to walk the trail,” I thought to my self. I set off 10 minutes later and incidentally catch them up right by the entrance of the trail while they are writing down the emergency phone number of the sign and are ready to set off.

I approach, introduce myself, hand out a couple of my business cards and ask if I can join them. The reply is positive, so here I am with the group walking up the Adonis Nature Trail. Hurray!

Halfway up

The Plateau

After about two hours of walking, we come to a plateau where the Nature Trail of Smigies connects with the Aphrodite Trail.

We come across a faucet and make a stop.  A cute little doggie has been following the group ever since we left the Aphrodite Beach Hotel. The doggie must have been exhausted by now but keeps following.

We approach the water but alas! The water is not potable but at least we have catered for some and sprinkle on our face and shoulders to freshen up.

A long break





The group decides to have a very short break for brunch but to my disappointment, the break extends for at least an hour, even more. It seems they don’t wish to skip today’s Tai Chi which they daily attend at the hotel premises. So, here I am watching their session and undertake to take a few photos of them. They start off with some warm-up exercises, hold certain poses and remain motionless for a while.

All seem concentrated in this graceful slow-moving exercise, and I am told that this is another way to fight stress. In brief, it is a type of martial art known for its defence techniques and health benefits with positive effects on balance control, fitness and flexibility.

The Aphrodite Trail

ADONIS Circular Trail

Starting Point: 400 m before the Baths of Aphrodite

Length: 7.5km

Estimated Duration: 3 – 4 hours.


We still have to cover all the way to the top of the hill. The trail throughout offers beautiful views of Polis Chrysochous, the Paphos Forest and the Akamas peninsula.

After the Tai Chi session and the long break we are ready to set off, this time following the Aphrodite Path.

We walk steadily onwards and around the mountain, while at several spots the ground is slippery and the path gets quite narrow.

View from the Peak

The Downward Way

We cover the Circular Trail in 6 instead of 4 hours only because there was no need to hurry back to the Aphrodite Beach Hotel.

All these hours the doggie has been following us and resists any kind of food or water we give out to him. A short stop at the Baths of Aphrodite and along with a couple of other ladies, we head to the only restaurant out here to cool off with some beer. The group splits here, some are out searching for the doggie supposing that it is the owner’s pet that seems to have disappeared, others leave for the hotel but a couple of us remain to finish our beers.

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  1. Lovely photos and great trail. We were in Akamas on a safari 3 years ago. What a lovely island Cyprus is!


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