Aegean Airlines is the primary Greek airline offering great connections throughout Greece and the Greek islands. Fares vary widely depending on the season and given that their only competition is the ferry, it can be expensive. The time gained by flying rather than spending a day on a slow ferry is worth it though if your vacation stay is limited.

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Personal Experience

Aegean Airlines

My work demands several flights in Europe and I use the Aegean quite often as I find it reliable. Prices though are not that cheap as they appear on commercials which are misleading in most cases because they indicate the price of flight but what makes the difference is the extra tax which at times can triple the amount of the ticket cost. Seats are not always that comfortable, but at least they are much better compared to other similar airlines. In domestic or short flights the crew struggle to serve meals and beverage, they are discreet and extremely friendly. On the whole, if you opt for Aegean Airlines, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable and peaceful journey.I find snacks and refreshments (light lunch) average, with wine included. The service is friendly, and they seldom have delays unless needed. We have managed to get a few free tickets through the Miles & Bonus program. Member of the Star Alliance since 2010. Check the Miles & More partners.

Aegean Airlines

Seat / Amenities

Seats have a 31-32 inch seat pitch & 4-inch recline. Blankets, pillows, and amenity kits are offered in on long-distance flights.


Meals are inspired by traditional recipes from Greek islands. On international flights, a meal from the Greek cuisine is offered, with a choice of two hot meals to Business class passengers. On domestic, the choice is a cold meal. In an attempt to highlight Greek wines, Business class passengers on international flights and business class Lounges in Athens, Thessaloniki & Larnaca can taste a range of selected wines.


This depends on the flight of course, but even in short distance trips the Greek Islands and the beauty of Greek monuments, in general, are highlighted through the head screens together with the map showing the distance covered.

Bottom Line

Through the many years of using the Aegean Airlines for domestic and international flights, we estimate that the Company provides services that add value to the travel experiences. Their goal for years now has been to ensure that they provide the best quality services both on and off the board.


How often do you use the Aegean? What is your experience like? Comments count a lot!



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