Paradise Journey to Rejuvenation

This 40,000 square foot Anazoe Spa Westin Costa Navarino is larger than life! The facilities are some of the best I have seen in any spa I have visited in the world and I was impressed with the level of service. Anazoe Spa Westin Costa Navarino offers an exceptional menu of specialty treatments based on ancient Greek health and beauty practices, utilizing the area’s exclusive natural ingredients and unique products.

Anazoe Spa Westin Costa Navarino

Anazoe Spa Westin Costa Navarino

The award-winning Anazoe Spa Westin Costa Navarino has several signature treatments based on the teachings of Hippocrates, the ‘father’ of western medicine. Guests can enjoy the “Heat Experience Area” for an unlimited time during the day. It offers a Rasul, a Herbal Steam bath, a Brine Light Steam bath, Ice-Grotto room, Golden Rain Shower, Dousing Bucket, Scottish Shower, Bi-Thermal, and Mist Showers. Each and every one is unique in its kind. The facilities are well-kept, tidy and modern.

The Anazoe Spa Westin Costa Navarino is an austere tastefully decorated space dedicated to beauty and well-being. It is the kind of Spa you are most likely to get lost in.

Personalized Therapies

Anazoe Spa Westin Costa Navarino

Anazoe Spa is exactly the place where anybody I can relax, rejuvenate and forget about troubles. A haven of tranquility that allows everyone to unwind after a stressful journey or prepare for a long flight. One relaxing massage individually tailored to your needs will make your day. The selection of their products is fantastic. I am lost for choice reading their spa menu.


With the spa opening at 12:00 pm and my busy schedule, on this last visit I had time only for one signature treatment. How I enjoyed unwinding in the superb Spa facilities! I experienced blissful sauna sessions and rejuvenated with hydrotherapy! The massaging thalassotherapy jets offer benefits of high-density salt-water and they are strong enough to stimulate and tone tired aching muscles.

Anazoe Spa, Westin Costa Navarino
Relaxing lounge

Anazoe Spa Westin Costa Navarino is a veritable maze of sweet-smelling corridors, draped with billowing white cotton curtains, copper lanterns, and warm lighting. Check for offers and prefer not to have separate treatments but have it all with one of the indulgent Spa packages

Aqua Therapy Journey

The journey of Aqua therapy includes a sequence of different heat and water experiences. It lets the body and mind discover new sensational ways of rejuvenation. It is highly recommended to have this journey before any treatment. With this in mind, try not to skip it and have the massage session first!

Personal Experience

I opted for the ‘Melisseus’ -the spirit of Honey treatment. The hot honey concept activates and balances massage techniques. The application of gentle heat with the professional massage promotes circulation and relaxes muscles thus helps loosen stubborn knots. Why not having it yourselves? I am highly recommending it. The nutrients of the therapy gave my skin a fabulous radiance…the treatment was exactly what I badly needed!

Enjoying a cup of herb tea after the treatment


In all, Anazoe Spa Westin Costa Navarino is the ideal place to lose yourself for a few hours. The peaceful music that accompanies treatments (synthesized exclusively for the Anazoe) are inspired by the ancient Greek modes and scales. The ancient Greeks believed music to be divine, capable of healing both body and soul. Definitely, a great place to come and rejuvenate your body and mind.

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Have you been to Costa Navarino and the Anazoe Spa? What was your experience like? Comments as always are welcomed



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