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Barbouni Restaurant Costa Navarino faces the Ionian Sea and stands on the dunes by the coast at the most unique beachside spot. We have spent 7 in all nights at the Westin Resort, Costa Navarino through our 2 visits and have had lunch at least 3 times at this lovely summer seafood restaurant. Babouni Restaurant is the icing on the culinary cake. Located on the beach, the draped curtain ceiling dance in the wind, providing a picture perfect setting that lends itself to a very long lunch.

The Beach

Barbouni Restaurant Costa Navarino

We Greeks usually accompany our mezze with Ouzo, or Tsipouro. Of course depending on one’s preference mezze can easily be paired with a chilly glass of beer or wine as well.

Who doesn’t love eating in such an amazing location which is unique  and can be selected for a romantic early dinner by the beach. Barbouni Restaurant closes early to avoid disturbing egg-laying of local sea turtles.


We enjoyed the lovely sea breeze and every bite here at the Barbouni restaurant of the Westin Costa Navarino was better than the previous. Mind you, this is not your typical clam shack. The food is high end quality with a price tag to match. The menu is simplistic in that it only offers seafood but the wine selection to the presentation is really nice. The decor mimics the ocean breeze which is quite clever. By 2pm, the place is packed for lunch so if you want to get a seat without waiting, go early.

The menu includes several appetizers some of which we had were –Tzatziki, Prawns, Mussels, Carpaccio, Grilled Octopus, Greek Salad, Melintzanosalata (Aubergine oven-cooked dip), Calamari, Fried fish and many more.The ‘Melintzanosalata’ is extra tasty and flavorsome, you need to try. “Agioritiki” Salad is made up by (florinis) red bell peppers, garlic and extra virgin Olive oil. A heavenly taste!

Another exceptional appetizer, the Talagani cheese, a popular local product made of sheep milk. It is similar to Cypriot halloumi, but with a superior, softer texture and a richer, creamier flavour. You will come across it almost in all restaurants of the resort.


Our choice was the 1827 white wine -Home’s product, light with a pleasant aftertaste.


Time for dessert, and we all had coffee for sure for the finale of this amazing lunch at the Barbouni Restaurant Costa Navarino, together with different desserts and a platter of Seasonal Fruit.


Definitely worth dropping by and try the Fish meze of the Barbouni Restaurant Costa Navarino while here. Besides the breathtaking view, the top quality and excellent tastes, the guys at the restaurant offer top notch service.


Have you visited this restaurant? How did you find it? Your comments are welcomed



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