The Blue Elephant Restaurant -St Julian’s Malta is widely recognized as one of the top finest dining spots on this island. I was here the very last evening of my stay at the Hilton Malta St. Julian’s. Part of a world-wide network of opulent restaurants, the Blue Elephant Restaurant Malta accomplishes its promise not only to travel its guests to the lands of the East, but it does it in style too. The chain behind its name has been an ambassador of the Thai cuisine since 1980. You can visit its fabulous restaurants also in Bahrain, Bangkok, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dubai, Jakarta, London, Paris and Phuket.

Blue Elephant Restaurant Malta

Blue Elephant restaurant in MaltaEyes make the heart skip beats! The lavish surroundings reminiscent to Bangkok in Thailand and the entrance already hints at a quality place.

Atmosphere & Ambience

Blue Elephant restaurant in MaltaA tranquil exotic venue, literally housed within an indoor tropical rainforest, an oasis with soft sound of the cascading waterfall, with huge Koi fish and water flowing under the bridge, lush greenery all around, orchids and tropical flowers. I had the feeling of dining at a Thai little village.

Blue Elephant Restaurant Malta

For me Thai cuisine is on par with all the greatest cuisines of the world. The range of food, the culinary traditions and the products are amazing. The dishes I tasted were simply exquisite.


Blue Elephant restaurant in MaltaSmart in uniforms the dedicated staff with their beaming smiles are visible without being intrusive. The wait staff exuded the confidence of people who know what their job is. One such example is Krzystof Kupiec who offered us top notch service and helped with the choice of wine and the serving as well. We opted for an aperitif at the beginning and paired our meal with a bottle of Pinot Grigio 2015, a nice light dry wine with lovely fruity finish.

The Menu

The choice of dishes we had, come from the à la carte menu that the Chefs prepared exclusively for us that evening. I was here in the capacity of a food critic to comment on the food quality, presentation and everything that goes with it.  It was another lovely experience to be here and enjoy the fabulous presentation, the superb tastes and top notch service. As the unexpected flavors exploded in the mouth, we oohed and aahed after each course!

Blue Elephant Restaurant Malta


Our culinary trip to Thai flavours starts off with five super yummy starters: The Thai fish Cakes, Thung Pu, is certainly not to be missed! The Chef Chang presents all talent on this particular dish which is exquisite. Stuffed egg pastry with cream cheese, crab meat and spring onion.

The third was Chicken Satay -mouthwatering! The fourth choice the Crispy Fish & Prawn Salad, a delightful Salad of crispy minced tuna fish and prawns with organic lemongrass & ginger, tossed in a spicy lime dressing and lastly Spring Rolls Jay ‘Blue Elephant’: A special recipe, the whole kitchen garden of the Chef enveloped in delicate rice-paper & served with a delicious spicy sauce. A true delight!


Blue Elephant restaurant in MaltaWe had a choice of two soups, -the Menam Chicken Soup or the Tom Kha Seafood. We opted for the second which I highly recommend as well. A traditional seafood soup full of taste and flavour with young coconut, lemongrass and galangal.

Main Course

Blue Elephant restaurant in MaltaWe had courses from the Seafood & Fish and the third from the Poultry & Game à la carte menu. All were a similar array of tastes and textures, super yummy and exquisite. Seafood Curry, the Sweet & Sour Prawns and the Kai Himmapan -stir fried Chicken supreme with Pineapple, taro, topped with cashew nuts & fried chili. Simply divine!


Blue Elephant restaurant in MaltaPhad Thai “Blue Elephant” –Typical Thai fried rice noodles with prawns, ground peanuts, eggs & vegetables with tamarind dressing. Mixed Vegetables “Blue Elephant” –Crispy stir fried fresh bean sprout, mange-tout & broccoli.


Before we knew it, it was time for dessert. Part of the tasting included an exotic display of delectable savory dainty morsel. Time flies at the Blue Elephant Restaurant Malta especially when you’re having fun! Each dainty morsel with its own unique taste and flavour, so hard for to point the one I liked best simply because all were superb!

Blue Elephant restaurant in MaltaVerdict

I rarely find myself at a loss for words but the Blue Elephant Restaurant at the Hilton Malta managed to leave me nearly speechless. Not a dish failed to impress in taste and presentation. The Tasting experience turned to be a glorious feast. One of the reasons I do want to return to Malta is to indulge in one similar experience at this paradise of exotic flavours. Ensure that you won’t miss out on the Blue Elephant experience when in Malta, and be sure to book well in advance.

Blue Elephant Restaurant- Book a Table


Have you been to the Blue Elephant Restaurant in Malta?

What was the dish you liked best?




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