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Blue Restaurant Doha, is one of the signature restaurants of the Movenpick Hotel Al Aziziyah Doha. They have delicious, super yummy varieties of foods. The menus are fun to peruse however as they are all on iPads, you could spend oodles of time just browsing your way through the various options available including maki rolls, nigiri, steaks, pastas and other main dishes. It is worth noting that the restaurant is dry so no alcohol is served, but Blue serves a delicious range of mocktails.

Blue Restaurant DohaBlue Restaurant Interior

Blue Restaurant, DohaBlue restaurant Doha, famed for its first class Steaks and Sushi. Customers can preview the dishes before placing their orders through iMenus. There is a choice of dining both indoors and outdoors. The indoor restaurant is inspired by the predominant color of the earth, reflecting the global unity and styles available on the menu.

Blue Restaurant, DohaFor one more time, we could not resist the alfresco terrace lounge even though it was quite chilly outside this time. Luckily there were patio heaters, so dining out was once again an enjoyable treat. The outdoor lounge-style terrace of the Blue Restaurant Doha, overlooks the scenic greenery of the Aspire Park. It is all lit up in the evenings and players can be seen out in the fields playing. What a nice spot to be!

Blue Restaurant – Doha, Qatar

In the kitchen

Inside the kitchen

Here at the Blue restaurant Doha, you can find dishes from different continents, from western steaks to Oriental sushi’s, and maki which will definitely delight your taste buds and provide authentic culinary experiences.

I was so excited seeing Victor the Chef de Cuisine once again and when I asked for some makis’ I requested if I could get in the kitchen this time and see him at work.

Blue Restaurant DohaMinutes later I was in the kitchen, somebody hands me a hair protective cap and for seconds I feel the magic of creating. As for the platter brought to us…well it can be compared to art. Each and every piece was unique and of exquisite taste.

Blue Restaurant DohaWe started off with an amazing strawberry mocktail -highly recommended for its outstanding taste. I am here at the Blue Restaurant Doha in the capacity of a food critic so although you can read about several dishes we had, I mostly nibble checking tastes, quality and presentation of everything.


Blue Restaurant DohaMakis are a hearty meal and we had the creations the Chef prepared for us earlier –a variety of 15 pieces in all. Honestly I never elsewhere tasted similar. Of course by mistake I asked for more than we could consume probably over-carried by the emotion of being back to the Blue with its friendly staff and surroundings.


Blue Restaurant DohaSalad

Blue Restaurant DohaThe service attentive and courteous as always, went out of their way to make us feel special. Thank you guys!

Blue Restaurant DohaWe had several appetizers and salads to accompany our mains which were delicious at the Blue Restaurant Doha. I opted for the Grilled Scallops and Prawn which come with Saffron rice. The prawns were sprinkled by a butter and garlic herb sauce and I found them heavenly. They were cooked to perfection and you could feel the taste of sea and freshness of the seafood.

Main Course

 Blue Restaurant DohaMy husband has totally different taste preferences and he opted for the Spaghetti meatballs which of course I tried after hearing the sound of “Hmm it is marvelous”. He was right!

Blue Restaurant DohaThroughout the meal, we tried different moktails. Ok they were really nice but…everyone’s expectations would be to accompany these outstanding dishes with a real drink and not juice. A glass of wine perhaps or a glass of beer. Here it is only fruity cocktails instead which don’t match at all with the heavenly dishes of the restaurant. Please see to this….probably a miracle happens the next time we return to the Blue Restaurant Doha.


Blue Restaurant DohaBlue Restaurant DohaWith all what I had the only thing I could think of, was fruit only, and my husband had some ice cream. On another visit here at the Blue Restaurant Doha,we had had the Pandan a Thai delicacy, and lemon grass Crème Brulee. Both are most popular and worth trying.

Blue Restaurant DohaVerdict

My experiences at the Blue restaurant of the Movenpick Hotel Al Aziziyah Doha were excellent. The service at the Blue Restaurant was personal and friendly and there was a genuine attentiveness to it that showed that the staff really cared for our comfort. The food spoke volumes as it was excellent. The view alone is phenomenal and the food and mocktails the cherry on top. Alcohol or no alcohol, the Blue Restaurant Doha is worth visiting for the food alone. Whether you decide to stay or eat I highly recommend both.

Disclaimer: I was a guest at the Blue Restaurant Doha during this stay, but the opinions expressed in this article are, as always my own.

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Have you tried the cuisine of the Blue? What was your experience like? Your comments count a lot!


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