Bubuja Restaurant Zakopane, is the signature restaurant of Hotel Art & Spa, a specialty lodging in Zakopane where I had the pleasure of being invited through the management of the Rezydencja Nosalowy Dwór – Zakopane. I was here in the capacity of a food critic to comment on the cuisine. The hotel is centrally located, 500 meters from Krupówki Street and very easy to find.

Bubuja Restaurant - ZakopaneIt was more or less like a noble mansion and the enchanting atmosphere of the interior was chic and classic. For several minutes I could not stop admiring and taking photos of the building, the gardens and the interior. Everything looked so perfect.


Bubuja Restaurant - Zakopane

Bubuja Restaurant, ZakopaneBubuja Restaurant – Zakopane is very popular. While waiting for the Chef, I went around to  take some pictures to get the feeling of this beautiful property.

Bubuja Restaurant – Zakopane

Bubuja Restaurant - ZakopaneBubuja Restaurant - ZakopaneBubuja Restaurant - ZakopaneWe are escorted to our table but the Jazz music that came from the back garden was so tempting! I left my friend at the restaurant for a while and went down to see what was taking place out there.

Bubuja Restaurant – Zakopane

Bubuja Restaurant - ZakopaneA band was performing live and all guests of the hotel were gathered out there. If we were to have another free afternoon we would certainly return to watch the band playing because their performance was great, pieces were all known to us, and the patio had a relaxing ambience. The team of the bar were extremely friendly and there was a list of great cocktails, seasonal fresh fruit juice…and not only!

Bubuja Restaurant - ZakopaneThe Chef shows up the moment I get back to the table and welcomes us warmly. He introduces himself as the Executive Chef of the Bubuja restaurant where he has been working for several years at the Hotel Art & Spa. His name is Sławek Kardas and he mentions that he is going to prepare exclusively for us that evening a tasting menu and expects my comments. I am delighted to meet him and I can’t wait to start tasting his dishes.


Bubuja Restaurant - ZakopaneThe table is nicely set, the room is well lit, and there is something in the air that reminds me a lot of our trip to Cuba. We started off with three outstanding appetizers that really got us excited. Fried shrimps and Garlic on a Baguette – supper yummy! Challah, Spinach, Gorgonzola, Sun-dried tomato – unpredictably tasty! Polish Beef tenderloin Carpaccio -Boletus, quail egg –exquisite!

Bubuja Restaurant – Zakopane

Bubuja Restaurant - ZakopaneI am here in the capacity of a food critic invited to comment not only on the dishes we are to try but the atmosphere, the service and everything that goes along with it. We paired the different dishes with great quality wine that the Chef recommends. A nice sparkling wine for the appetizers and for the main course we had a lovely red.  From the first bites we knew we were in for a treat!

Bubuja Restaurant - ZakopaneThe only downside is that Mr. SławekKardas speaks Polish only and he cannot understand English. My friend who is local and is partly accompanying me on this second trip in Poland, undertakes to translate for us. Each dish is served by the Chef himself and each time he explaines in detail everything about the ingredients, quality and time of cooking


Bubuja Restaurant - ZakopaneMy choice was the Lamb Goulash which was divine, spicy to the right extend and flavoursome. The Topinambur Soup was my friend’s choice. I liked its delicate taste, the creamy texture with that hint of black cumin adding an extra yummy flavour.

Main Course

Bubuja Restaurant - ZakopaneThe Breast of Duck was big thumbs up! Except for the rhubarb which in general I am not fond of, the perfectly cooked duck was tenderly juicy. The Brie Cheese rich and creamy was the right combination with the garnished veggies. A highly recommended dish.


Bubuja restaurant - ZakopaneBoth choices were superb. I went for the Basil Ice cream. It had an appealing presentation and I never had before one similar. Words cannot do it justice –simply ask for it. Sugar balanced –big thumbs up! My friend who loves chocolate flavours made the right choice. Her Chocolate Fondant was dense and moist and was just as incredible as mine.

Bubuja Restaurant -ZakopaneVerdict

Our dining experience at the Bubuja restaurant turned to be one to remember. The meal was delectable and each dish was better than the other. I can’t tell which one made the difference simply because whatever we had was exceptional. If you are in the area, count the Bubujan in. Be sure to make a reservation for a meal and leave the rest to the professional hands of the team. Smart Travelling highly recommends it!

Disclaimer: I was a guest at the Bubuja Restaurant of the Art & Spa Hotel Zakopane during this visit. The opinions expressed in this article are, as always my own. 

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