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Cabaret Parisien hotel Nacional benefits from the same rich history of the hotel itself. Brilliant dancers and the intimate atmosphere offer a great show. We were for a week at the Melia Cohiba – Havana and loved to have a stroll out here at the Hotel Nacional De Cuba almost every other afternoon.  We would come to enjoy the vibe of this amazing hotel, have a drink and walk through the path in the gardens and the harbor. Had we knew earlier, we could have arranged to spend a few days here as well. It was already too late, so the least we could do while in Havana was to arrange and see the show of the Cabaret Parisien before moving on to Varadero for one more week.

Cabaret Parisien – Hotel NacionalWe thought it would be a great way to end our last evening in Havana with the Cabaret Parisien show and we did not regret it. Some locals we met at the gardens of the Hotel Nacional De Cuba recommended that we skip the meal and it was really a good advice. We opted for a bottle of champagne, brought to the table -definitely nothing responds better to the effervescence of the spectacle than the bubbling of the bubbles. The show was on and we watched while others in attendance were still waiting to be served after the show started.

Cabaret Parisien Hotel Nacional

Cabaret Parisien – Hotel NacionalCabaret Parisien hotel Nacional, offers the great Show ‘Cubano, Cubano’ and is quite pricy but it’s worth every convertible pesos. The entire performance with the dancers, the dresses and the live music make you sit back and enjoy the atmosphere.

Cabaret Parisien – Hotel NacionalThe interior of Cabaret Parisien -Havana is intimate and retains the format as it would have been in the 50’s when the hotel first opened. The vintage stage and curtains made it easy to imagine the days when mobsters and entertainers rubbed elbows as the bands played. The show was a medley of dance, music and comedy showcasing the different islands and countries of African and Latin American influence that melted to form the Cuban and Caribbean culture.

Cabaret Parisien Hotel Nacional

Cabaret Parisien – Hotel NacionalThe sound of drums filled the air, and the dancing started. The real show lasted over two hours, and we were mesmerized the whole way through; beautiful brightly colored costumes, incredible dancing and fabulous music, not to mention the super attractive Cuban men and the women with bodies we can only dream of.

Cabaret Parisien – Hotel NacionalDown by the pool of Melia Cohiba Havana the next morning we met a couple who had a truly bad experience which I judge we ought to share: The couple booked their tickets via their website, paid and never received any confirmation. They emailed them immediately to the same address they previously replied with questions about the show and how to reserve it. They never bothered to reply. Before the flight to Havana they called and confirmed to that everything is fine with the reservation but when the couple comes for the show they are requested to pay again or they cannot enter, even after showing the statement of payment.

Cabaret Parisien Hotel Nacional

Cabaret Parisien – Hotel NacionalThey had them waiting –none could speak English, but to make story short they were not admitted so they left disappointed and betrayed. In any case, we suggest to avoid paying in advance via their web. You can show up one day earlier when in Havana and book directly. This is what we did and stepped in directly the following evening avoiding the long queue.

Cabaret Parisien – Hotel NacionalSmart Travelling Blog Magazine’s Top Tips

  • Get tickets when you get to Havana, they cost more if you pre-order online
  • Get the mid-range tickets
  • Assure that you arrive early for the best seats
  • Skip dinner here, it is not worth the price
  • Get a taxi, they’re super cheap in Cuba and it’s much easier
  • Take along your camera

Cabaret Parisien – Hotel NacionalBottom Line

In all, the show was one of the highlights of our trip to Cuba. The show itself is really good and lasts around two hours. The singers were fantastic and the dancers performed numerous acrobatic feats. The elaborate costumes were also something to behold and arguably the standout feature of the show, akin to something you might see at the Rio Carnival. The Cuban version of Moulin Rouge, although as we have been to France, nothing compares to the original Paris Moulin Rouge show!


Have you been to a Cabaret Parisien Show? What was your experience like? We would love to hear your comments



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