Average Tastes!

It is not long when we had lunch at Cactus Restaurant – Sofia, and we sort of liked the food which was fresh –and cooked upon request the time we gave out the order…but!

It took a bit longer for them to be served, but the waiters were friendly and we did not mind the little delay as we were mostly there to enjoy our lovely afternoon outing. There was an enjoyable reggae music at the background too!

Cactus Restaurant – Sofia, Bulgaria

We opted for the Shrimp Skewers by Prova and they were quite tasty!

We definitely had higher expectations on the main course choice but found both the Chicken Scarmorza and the Pork Saltiboca of average taste.


Tastes at the Cactus restaurant were average, but we could have returned if it was not for the smoking of cigarettes in the restaurant. Given the size of the place, imagine the smell on our hair and clothes! Service could do better as well. This was the downside so we would choose our luck somewhere else next time we are out!

Call and Reserve Your Table +(02) 986 74 31 

Have you ever been to Cactus? If yes, what was your experience like? Recommended choice? Comments count a lot as always!


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