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Coral Bay Resort Koh Samui, boasts for its uniquely furnished accommodation and is located  in the Chaweng Beach, placed in a greenery setting, a few only steps from a private beach.

I had no idea that the Coral Bay Resort Koh Samui was so close to the airport and I paid in advance to be picked from the airport and driven to the Resort while still in Greece. In reality, the Coral Bay Resort is just a 5-minute ride (2 km) from the airport, so have this in mind if you make it here.

Coral Bay Resort Koh Samui

We were lucky to stay at the Coral Bay Resort Koh Samui several years back when it was at its best with its Spa when those days the majority of rooms were fully occupied. We had spent 6 dreamy nights at this paradise-like hotel and had promised ourselves to return, although we never made it.

The pool those days

Our flight from Bangkok landed at 10:00 p.m and a taxi driver whom I had booked well in advance waited to drive us to the Coral Bay Resort. Booking through the internet was a mistake because there were so many other taxis waiting in line for tourists. We could pick anyone and the ride would cost us 3 times less.

Coral Bay Resort Koh Samui

Recently, family members spent 3 nights here at the Coral Bay Resort Koh Samui, so the review is updated. My attempt on this article is to show what the Coral Bay Resort used to be some years back when we were there, and how it is in 2017 with the new owners.


The individual private bungalows are very spacious and their interiors gorgeous. Units, in general, are decorated with contemporary design elements creating elegant yet funky ambiance. While there, we met another couple and we had the chance to be invited to their bungalow which was much bigger than ours and it was of course much more beautiful overlooking the coast while ours, the exotic gardens! The walls of all bungalows have mosaic designs and fans on the ceiling. Coffee/tea facilities and a mini box are much appreciated. The interior of the bungalow that our family had, these days show signs of wear and tear, but at least it was clean. If the owners could afford to replace all the bed pillows, however, the picture would change a lot. There were many rumors about dirty pillows coming from other guests too. The only negative regarding sleep.

We would relax and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings while here at the Coral Bay Resort and out by our spacious terrace of the bungalow, there were loungers and balcony chairs. Our favorite spot where we would chill in the evenings listening to the myriad of birds around. Pleased with the wi-fi that it is provided and after a long tiring day out exploring Koh Samui, this seating area was the unique place to relax and make the plans of the next day.


The en suite bathroom of our bungalow is lovely with sky light, spacious and very different from the usual we come across in hotels. Water was coming from high up out of a waterfall flow of water shower.


Two photos showing the past and present

The garden setting of the Coral Bay Resort Koh Samui makes you feel you are really on a tropical island which actually it is a reason to come to beautiful Koh Samui. The tropical flora creates a sanctuary for species of birds, butterflies, even of squirrels, however things around the resort look as if they have been abandoned these days. I am sure you can compare the photos below which indicate the beauty of the past with the present.

Coral Bay Resort Koh Samui


Picture taken when we were here

Any existing positive attitude comes from what remains of the previous paradise which still has much to offer if only the owners were aware of what they are doing wrong. Although the pool was nice, neither us nor our family members used it.

Beach and Coast

The beach is so close and we preferred the natural coral enclosure than swimming in the pool. Four times I went on foot from the beach up to the centre of Chaweng and back.

There was nothing quite as blissful as an amble by the seashore early in the morning. It is like walking through an airy womb of sky and sound.

The service at the Coral Bay Resort Koh Samui was excellent. The owners helpful and polite, at no time ready to help and recommend places to visit that, should not be missed and in general very tactful.

Because of the tide, the waters in front of the Coral Bay Resort are not always clear, but still swimming and snorkelling at the beach is much more fun than staying out by the pool.


Breakfast at the Coral Bay Resort Koh Samui was fine, but don’t expect a huge spread. A cook is on hand to prepare omelets. There was plenty of tropical fruit and a few pastries. The food of the restaurants is good but continues to be pricey just as when we were here.

Our family members dined only the first evening at the restaurant of the Coral Bay Resort Koh Samui. They preferred eating outside at Chaweng like the other guests. It is easy to walk up the driveway, and wave down a red pickup taxi and pop into town which is an 8-minute ride for 50-100 baht. Getting there by a tuk-tuk is even less. You will be amazed at the number of restaurants lined up around the center, not to mention the nice Mall and several interesting shops and Spas on site. If you still don’t wish to be far from the resort there is a small restaurant close by the entrance with nice tasty dishes and great service.

Bottom Line

The Coral Bay Resort Koh Samui is absolutely stunning. Definitely, it is not a glitzy 5*star property but that is what makes it so different. If you love what you see in the pictures book without hesitation. Even with its drawbacks, we would still love to return for a few days. Free shuttle service is also provided for guests’ convenience. Bike and car rental services are also available for guests to explore the city. The Coral Bay Resort is an excellent value resort that offers you this exotic paradise in a quiet and tranquil environment, while other central hotels offer a more beautiful beach but noisy surroundings. You could easily spend 2 or 3 nights here the maximum and spend the rest at the Chaweng Bay.


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