Cuba’s music and art influence can be seen in the vibrant dance forms and live music played throughout the island. The location of Cuba as a Caribbean island and part of Latin America influence a lot the people of Cuba.

Cuba’s Music & Art InfluenceThe African influence adds another dynamic to Cuba, originating from the movement of slaves which the Spanish colonialists shipped. Afro-Cuban culture is strong and is expressed in their love for music and dance from their African and Spanish roots through Flamenco.

Cuba’s Music & Art InfluenceThe cha-cha, rumba, and mambo all originated in Cuba, but for Cubans, dance is much more than just salsa.

Cuba’s Music & Art Influence

Cuba’s Music & Art InfluenceIf you get to Callejon de Hamel any Sunday at noon you’ll find these colorful musicians on stilts, groups playing live music, and dancing galore.

Cuba’s Music & Art Influence

Cuba’s Music & Art InfluenceAside from its funky street murals and psychedelic art shops in Callejon de Hamel, the main reason to come to Havana’s high temple of Afro-Cuban culture in Centro Habana is the frenetic rumba music that kicks off every Sunday at around noon. Street art is like a public tattoo. Sometimes loved, sometimes hated and always open to interpretation.

Cuba’s Music & Art InfluenceCubans smiling faces, the simple pleasures of dancing, singing or just walking, seem hugely attractive to us tourists. Deep in their souls however they are not the happy fellows they seem. They just learnt well how to keep this to themselves.

 Cuba’s Music & Art InfluenceCuba’s Music & Art Influence

Cuba’s Music & Art InfluenceStreet art in Havana

Cuba’s Music & Art InfluenceThe truth is that communism is evil, and brings nothing but suffering, while promising the poor heaven on earth. Equally it is easy to eulogize the Cuban way of life which is like a throwback. If you keep your eyes open you can observe the poverty, the dilapidated buildings, the rundown infrastructure, and the lack of public transport.

Cuba’s Music & Art InfluenceBottom Line

Cuba is a laid back island nation, full of soul and character. It’s a place like no other and if you plan visiting, you’re in for a classic treat!


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