Havana’s must see attractions starting from the incomparable Capitolio Nacional, Havana’s most ambitious and grandiose building. Formerly it was the seat of the Cuban Congress while at the time of research it was being restored and was due to reopen in 2018 as the home of Cuba’s national assembly. Constructed with white Capellanía limestone and block granite, the entrance is guarded by six rounded Doric columns atop a staircase that leads up from Paseo de Martí (Prado). Looking out over the Havana skyline is a 62m stone cupola topped with a replica of 16th-century Florentine sculptor Giambologna’s bronze statue of Mercury in the Palazzo de Bargello.

The Malecón

Havana's must see attractionsHavana’s Must See Attractions

Havana’s ‘must see’ AttractionsHavana’s must-see attractions list should include a visit to the market as well where there are plenty of deals, but you will have to put your haggling skills to the test. So be prepared to spend at least an hour comparing prices and offerings. Of particular interest to many first-timers are the array of paintings, representing a growing art and artist scene in Havana. It might not be pretty to look at, but if you’re looking for a one-stop souvenir market in the Cuban capital, this is the place.

The Cathedral Havana

Havana’s ‘must see’ AttractionsThe Cathedral Havana is the oldest in the Americas. Designed by Francesco Borromini. The Cathedral is by all means one of Havana’s must see attractions. The construction began 1748 and finished 39 years later in 1748 when the diocese of Havana was created and the church became a cathedral.

Havana’s Must See Attractions

Castillo el Morro

Havana’s ‘must see’ AttractionsCastillo el Morro –fortress guarding the entrance of Havana is another highlight on the list of Havana’s must see attraction. At the other end of the harbor, Castillo el Morro is full of history and a real icon of the city.

Gran Teatro de La Havana

Havana’s ‘must see’ AttractionsGran Teatro de La Havana is the headquarters of the National Ballet, it stages musicals, plays and opera. Another highlight that adds on Havana’s must see list. The Gran Teatro offers up the best in Cuban dance and music.

Havana’s Must See Attractions

Havana’s ‘must see’ AttractionsWe were in Habana on Independence Day. Locals had arrived from the suburbs in hundreds of yellow buses that were parked throughout the streets around Melia Cohiba – Havana the hotel we were staying and gathered to celebrate the Independence Day in Plaza de la Revolución.

Bottom Line

Remember, one of the joys of Havana is the street ambience, so don’t worry if you don’t make it to every museum or specific attraction. It is sure you will do your best to be back.


Were you ever in Cuba? Reasons you wish to return or not…
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