Hilton Cyprus Executive Lounge is an oasis for executive guests. As a repeater and member of the Honor’s Club of the Hilton Cyprus Nicosia, I am well acquainted with this specific Lounge. I have to admit one of my favorite parts of staying at luxury hotels is experiencing the many executive lounges.

Hilton Cyprus Executive LoungeThis multi-functional lounge with its chic ambience, is beautifully decorated with fitted carpets, comfortable sofas and serves like a library, a study/work room, as it provides 2 or 3 laptops as well. I remember years back I used them a lot.

Hilton Cyprus Executive Lounge

Hilton Cyprus Executive LoungeSpirits and snacks

Hilton Cyprus Executive LoungeFrom business brunches to pre-dinner drinks and everything in between, the options at Hilton are cater for Hilton’s business clientele and guests staying at the executive wing. It provides coffee/tea facilities, cool drinks, local wines, snacks and nibbles.

Hilton Cyprus Executive LoungeThere are small tables for dining, and you can bring additional persons to this lounge if you wish, with the option to be charged a small fee for each guest, but this allows unlimited food and beverage. The fee can be arranged on the consumption basis as well.

Hilton Cyprus Executive LoungeVerdict

I usually arrange to have my business meetings on this floor, at the Hilton Cyprus Executive Lounge. I have to admit that on some days the food tasted much better than in some popular restaurants in Nicosia. The service is getting better and better each time I am back. If you happen to be here the right timing when it is not busy, you will enjoy the executive lounge even more. Check my latest Hilton Cyprus stay review.


Were you ever here yourselves? Are you thinking of booking a stay?

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