Hotel executive lounge expectations vary from one hotel to the other, but anyway, one of my favorite parts of staying at luxury hotels is experiencing the many executive lounges which may differ in design and features but all of them offer more or less the same high quality and services. Such hotels with club lounges provide the best for their executive guests to enjoy life! Well-managed club lounges may offer good value for money, especially during promotional seasons. Quite often, I find myself spending much time in executive lounges if not in Spas’ and Wellness centres, when I am out travelling and nearly all these club lounges, provide comfortable working and relaxation areas.

The majority of chain-brand luxury hotels aim to attract successful executive guests. These usually come with more expensive room packages which include amenities like the use of the executive or club lounge and unlimited food choices at certain times of the day.

Not all executive lounges are equally of equivalent quality or are worthy of comparison. There are hotels that provide guests with food treats and the proper attention while others need upgrade.

Hotel Executive Lounge Expectations

If you plan to book a room with executive lounge access, consider the following:


Wi-Fi and Computer access

Make sure there is a Wi-Fi connection and that computer access is part of the package before you decide to book. Lately most hotels provide free Wi-Fi throughout the premises, but at least one or two computers should be provided at the club lounge.

Child Rate Policy

Better check this policy before checking in as some lounges give free access to children under 12. Other properties impose a child rate for food service.

Unlimited Food & Beverage

Expect typical meal times –afternoon snacks and drinks:

Buffet breakfast in club lounges varies from one hotel to the other, but definitely don’t expect to find that big variety of choice one can get from the main restaurants of hotels. The food fare is usually light but since it is offered as a buffet, some guests skip dinner altogether.

Food quality is a major reason why guests decide to pay more for club room access.  While it may not be possible to determine the hotel menu beforehand, getting feedback from other guests who have stayed previously could help.

Coffee and tea are available the day long. In certain hotels, a well-stocked chiller with other beverage choices may also be offered.

Privilege and Benefits

Some club lounges provide extra benefits to their executive guests, like a small library, board games, even digital. Regular hotel guests of course don’t enjoy these amenities! For many executives, logistical arrangements are taken care of, and these free up a lot of time to do other stuff.

Privilege of Late Check-out

Executive guests with access to club lounges have more flexibility when requesting for late check-out. Such guests are informed that they can request if they wish for a much later check-out, usually until 3 p.m.


Which executive lounge impressed you most and in what way?



  1. I use them a lot especially on business trips with colleagues. A nice tip Popi and a nice website too.


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