A famous landmark in Havana!

Hotel Nacional de Cuba is like the Cuban Eiffel Tower when it comes to pulling the tourist crowd. The history of the place is hard to beat…a must visit even if just to add your name to this list! Amongst the hotels hidden treasures, is a guest list that is not so hidden. People flock to the Nacional de Cuba every year in the hopes that they might spot a celebrity.


Hotel Nacional de Cuba


Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Hotel Nacional de CubaHotel Nacional de Cuba also got a room, not unlike those rooms where you could make overseas calls in the very old days that has strong Wi Fi for a hefty fee……but the cocktails are as good as ever!


Hotel Nacional de CubaSmart Travelling attempts to travel you virtually to the atmosphere of the ground floor of the Hotel Nacional de Cuba. We had the opportunity to be shown a few rooms with the help of a member of the management.

Hotel Nacional de Cuba

The historical rooms of the lavish Hotel Nacional de Cuba differ in size from small to really big ones with the price varying accordingly. Rich tones complement the heavy drapes, oversized beds and glass chandeliers. Some have carpeted floors and do show their age. Several others indicate the name of the famous guests who stayed there, but there are some extremely small ones as well for solo travelers. We were informed that bathrooms have been updated. Unfortunately the hotel was fully occupied and it was not possible to see more rooms.


Hotel Nacional de CubaGarden

Hotel Nacional de CubaSunset

Hotel Nacional de CubaWe did enjoy a few sunset drinks in the beautiful garden overlooking the ocean here, the perfect spot to watch the sun go down.

Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Hotel Nacional de Cuba
Outdoor seating

Located in the back, the garden arguably holds more history than the hotel Nacional de Cuba itself. Here guests can find “La Barraca”, a creole restaurant and Rose Nautica, a bar that overlooks the Maleon. To the eye of the everyday tourist, two cannons, the Krupp and the Ordóñez are all that is visible.

Hotel Nacional de CubaHotel Nacional de Cuba is a great choice for leisure travellers and anyone else who wants to stay in an iconic, historical landmark in one of Cuba’s local neighbourhoods.

Hotel Nacional de CubaVerdict

If you really want to feel like you’re a part of Cuba’s incredible history, staying at the hotel Nacional de Cuba will take you back in time. It is definitely the place Smart Travelling would like to stay when back in Havana! For all the above reasons Hotel Nacional de Cuba – Havana is highly recommended.

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