Be Housekeeping Friendly!

How to be a good hotel guest counts a lot, so if interested follow the tips of this article and see how you can become a good hotel guest. Despite the tales of dismay with guests who don’t show any gratitude to the housekeeping staff and respect to the property of the hotels they visit, there are indeed many guests who are really thoughtful and want to be housekeeping-friendly. Housekeeping staff in hotels kindly request and expect from guests the following:

How to be a Good Hotel Guest

  • Refrain from leaving clothes/ bags on your bed. Place them on a side chair so housekeepers can make the bed. Don’t leave your room in a mess before going out with multiple items all around the floor.


  • It makes it challenging to vacuum and place shoes in one area or in the wardrobe.


  • Items which are meant for rubbish should be placed in the bins. Housekeepers will not remove items which are not in the bins.


  • Place the room service tray outside your door and call the room service to collect the tray.


  • Don’t use the kettle in the room to cook noodles or other foods and if you bring your own utensils be sure not mix them with the hotel’s as it can be hard to find once the cutlery gets in the hotel system.


  • Tea leaves are very hard to clean from the toilets. Dispose them in the rubbish bin but never in the toilet.


  • Place your toiletries back in the toilet bag or keep in one place to make it easier for the housekeeper to clean the bathroom for guests.


  • Flush the toilet after using it. This makes it easier for housekeepers to clean.


  • If you do not require to have your towels or bathrobes changed, hang them up following use to help conserve water. Place your towels in the bathtub or shower if you like your towels changed.


  • Re-using towels is fine, but you don’t even need to use the big fluffy ones. You can dry yourself adequately with a hand towel and hairdryer.


  • While it’s OK to take bathroom amenities and soaps, use them. Opening a whole bar of soap just to wash your hands once is wasteful and thoughtless. Same with free water in bottles – open it, finish it.


  • The day you are checking out don’t roll up your sheets and blankets. It makes it harder for the housekeeper to prepare the dirty linen.


  • Try to use fewer resources if you wish to be a greener ‘small footprint’ guest. It is something we are all concerned about or should be.


  • If you are staying just a couple of nights, give housekeeping a break and hang the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign.


  • Turn off lights and air conditioning when not in the room.


Bottom Line

What impressions you leave behind as a guest you will be remembered as such. If you did not keep the hotel etiquette and caused unnecessary stress to employees, you will have accomplished nothing. The staff of the hotel will want to get you the heck out of the resort as quickly as possible. If on the other hand, you did the opposite this will be recognized and staff will be tripping over themselves to ensure that you leave with positive memories of your stay.


Do you agree with all the above? How do you usually behave yourselves? Your comments are always welcomed



  1. Thank you for this article! I try very hard to be thoughtful of the staff at any hotel and treat my accommodations as though it were my own home.


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