How to get the best aeroplane seat depends entirely on your priorities as a passenger. One might want to sleep, another might seek a seat where turbulence is less, and so on. Check the list and next time you are on board get the seat to suit you the best. Smart Travelling hopes these tips have you flying in style in no time.

How to get the Best Aeroplane Seat

How to get the Best Aeroplane Seat

For a smooth flight

To avoid turbulence, pick a seat over the wings as the front and rear of the plane tend to bounce more.

Safety Conscious

Sit as far back as possible if you are safety conscious. A look at real-world crash stats suggests that the farther back you sit, the better your odds of survival.

With Kids along

A seat at the bulkhead is the best. Most such seats leave more room for kids to move and sit on the floor, and they are near the bathroom. Kids will need you to accompany them on multiple bathroom visits. Make sure your bulkhead row is not an exit row though because in this case, kids cannot sit there.

For a Quiet Ride

Go for an aisle seat towards the front of the cabin. Window seats are several decibels louder.

For Sleeping

Frequent flyers believe that windows off-centre on the left side, provide a better spot to lay your head. Window seats give you control of the window shade and a place to rest your head. You won’t be woken up every time the passenger next to you needs the toilet. The middle of an aircraft ensures you won’t be bothered by bathroom lines or noisy galleys.

For more Legroom

Exit row seats typically offer more space. Picking one such seat on the edge means you can stretch your legs into the aisle. A seat at the bulkhead, ideally in the middle, means fellow passengers won’t have to step over you en route to the loo.

Need to spread out

In the case that you fly with a companion book the aisle and the window seat. Usually, the middle seat is the least favoured by passengers travelling solo. There is a possibility that the seat is left empty by the time you come to board, so simply relax and enjoy it.  In the case of empty seats ask politely the person over the counter to give you a seat next to an empty seat.

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  1. I’m not a great lover of flying because of the time spent in cramp conditions, so this is a very useful tip


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