Smart Travelling indicates ways on how to get to Vitosha Mountain from Sofia. The majestic Vitosha Mountain inspires me any time or season I am back to Sofia, with its beautiful nature. The feeling of fresh mountain air makes my spirits rise.

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from SofiaI feel my lungs inflate with the surge of scenery –air, mountains, trees and its natural beauty. If this isn’t happiness, then what!

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from SofiaIf visiting Sofia for a couple of days, take the time to get to the Vitosha Mountain and take in some stupendous of Sofia from above. Here, check the popular routes and tips but also get a sneak peek through photos from our visits.

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from Sofia

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from SofiaLocation

Vitosha Mountain stands proudly at 2290 meters high located next to the capital of Sofia, only 15 km away from the city center. In reality, the southerly parts of Sofia are lying on the outskirts of the mountain. Being so close, it is the unique place for outdoor activities and recreation.

Our Frequent Visits

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from SofiaEarlier this year while in Sofia again, the temperature dropped down to -15*C. It was windy, freezing with scarcely any sun the majority of days but it was still fantastic.

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from SofiaWhether we are up to Vitosha for skiing, hiking or picnics, the frequent short rides from Sofia to the mountain are always rewarding.

Night Skiing

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from SofiaIf working in Sofia during the ski season, you can make your way up after work. Locals do it a lot! On Thursday for night skiing and daytime every day of the week. Skiing equipment is available for hire from the main ski center on Vitosha Mountain.

Cost of Popular Activities

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from SofiaHiking and Skiing are two of the most popular activities. The ski season starts at the beginning of January till the end of March.

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from SofiaThe price of the Vitosha ski pass is about 35 lev per day. Approx.  €18 EUR, £16, US $22 for one day. Although there are 13 ski tracks, if winter is warm, only a few of them are open. If this is the case, alternatively make it to Bansko or Borovets.

Spring and Autumn

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from SofiaBoth spring and autumn are fantastic seasons for a leisurely or a slow walk up to the mountain park. In autumn, don’t be surprised even to find blueberries, although the wild strawberries and raspberries are long gone.

Starting Points

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from SofiaKnyazhevo, Boyana, Dragalevtsi, and Simeonovo are the closest starting points to come from and head to Vitosha. The Simeonovo gondola lift is down on the ring road and takes you up to Aleko.

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from SofiaFrom there you can walk along the plateau or hike any one of many marked paths, including one right up to Cherni Vruh (Black Peak) the top of the mountain (approx. 2 and a half hours’ walk each way). You can take the chairlift up or down to Black Peak to shorten the stride.

Panoramic Path

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from SofiaA relatively easy flat walk known as the ‘Panoramic Path’ winds its way around the mountain above the villages. The most beautiful part of walking is in the towns of Bistritsa and Zheleznitsa. The whole path has wooden signs with words of wisdom and plenty of oak stools and benches for a short rest.

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from SofiaAnother popular route starts above Boyana Church and passes by the Boyana Waterfall on its way up to Zlatnite Mostove.  From there you can see the so-called ‘stone river’ in its full glory. Take a picnic if you’re planning on doing the full walk up and down, and it’s always wise to have something warm to put on as the temperature can change quite quickly in the mountain, mainly if you have worked up a sweat and then stop to rest.

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from Sofia

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from SofiaSuneibivski Cable

The easiest way to get to Simeonovski cable lift from the city center is by bus 122. Setting off from the Central Railway Station take the blue metro line Lavov most, Serdika, NDK or European Union metro station in the direction Vitosha station up to the last stop that will take you to Paradise shopping center.

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from SofiaRight in front of the center on Cherni Vrah Street, come to #2756 Bus stop to get the 122 to Simeonovski lift. Mind you, this is the very last stop and runs only on weekends.

Aleko Hut

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from SofiaYou can access Aleko Hut preferably with the gondola lift that departs from the ring road near the turn, off for Bistritsa and the ride is roughly 20 minutes to the top with two stops on the way. The two-way ticket for the cable lift costs about 15 BGN – €8.00.  In the case you find the cable lift closed you can get there by Bus 66, and it is available only during weekends. Catch it from metro station Vitosha.

Dragalevski Lift

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from SofiaReaching Vitosha Mountain by Dragalevski lift. Mind you, it is a chairlift and not a cabin lift! Take bus 93 from Vitosha metro station. –Runs daily!

Golden Bridges

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from SofiaIf you’re looking for the perfect picnic location around Sofia where to enjoy a lovely outing, have a picnic, forget about the everyday city life and surround yourself with nature, the Golden Bridges is the place to be. They are spectacular!  They are one of the few natural phenomena, easily accessible near Sofia.

How to get to Vitosha Mountain from SofiaAccording to Google Maps, it takes 44 minutes to get there from downtown Sofia – in our experience; it is much less than that from the minute you reach the ring road. Coming here by bus, take bus #63 and get off at the last stop. It is usually over-packed during weekends. It is advisable to make it early the morning or at noon and avoid using it on public holidays.

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