How to save the most on your flights, hotels, and restaurants, tips below will help you save time and money. Memorable holidays don’t necessarily mean that they cost a fortune. With the proper planning, smart research and flexible attitude you can travel cheaply and still have an experience worth remembering. Check our list and use this piece of advice for your coming trips. Happy travels!

Calculate your budget

Have a rough budget in mind right from the beginning. Calculate the flight’s cost and try to get the most out of what you spend.


If you have flexibility the selection of places would be more from places that you can afford to visit. Having already found the chosen place to visit and don’t wish to go anywhere else, try to change the dates of departure to find the lower airfare.

Part of your strategy should be to set up alerts and get notified when prices drop. Try an App like Hopper and get price notifications you are tracking. From the moment you find the price that fits you, scrutinizes the airline’s baggage policy before booking. There is a possibility to find a cheaper flight but the carry-on requirements are strict compelling you to pay extra fees for luggage weight.

Traveling cheaply isn’t just about cutting costs — it’s also about getting the most out of what you spend. You may discover, for example, that the €450 you thought could pay only for a flight within Europe can actually take you to the USA and back.

Consider hopping in a car instead of a plane when the destination you wish to get to is within driving distance. Find out if it is worth the tradeoff.

How to Save the Most on your Flights, Hotels and Restaurants

The Right Lodging

Finding the right hotel needs quite an effort. Check the area you are interested first and see if there are hotel promotion codes online. It is still possible to find a cheap hotel that won’t break your pocket but be careful because it could be that either they are far from the city centre or they have undesirable conditions. You can search for hotels on one of the most popular search engines among others. One of the most popular websites and highly recommended finding good hotel deals by previous travellers is Tripadvisor.

Spend wisely on Food

Dining out is one of the most enjoyable parts of travel. You have set money aside specifically for a trip, your hotel stays, and have included a few dining out experiences. The trick is knowing when to indulge and when to save. For example, dinner reservations can be an expensive meal, but that doesn’t mean you need to order a €60 bottle of wine. Set a limit of what you are willing to spend on food and strike for that balance.

Bottom Line

Fond memories of great holiday trips make us want to visit new destinations. This can be done by planning for, budgeting for, and keeping to the budget while out enjoying our holidays. If we manage to enjoy that much our vacation memories bring a smile on our face when we recall them. Overspending by increasing credit card bills creates anxiety and takes away the enjoyment of the vacation. So, assure that you keep to the budget and make the next vacation a successful and joyous one. Happy travels!

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  1. Beautiful tips that you are sharing with us!! I am sure that we are all going to benefit from you!!
    Thanks again so much

  2. Thank you so happy I stopped in smart travelling. I wasn’t aware there is an app to be notified when a airfare drop in price. Finding a good price for flights is the biggest amount you are putting out so i’m a researcher when it comes to flight fares.


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