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Kavos 1964 Restaurant – Isthmia, Greece is situated by the seaside on a low bluff and shaded by tall trees. The outdoor seating overlooks the clear turquoise water of the bay, with most tables under the shade of a pergola and others in the open air.

Kavos 1964, Isthmia RestaurantOn our way back from the Westin Resort Costa Navarino, we made a stop at Kavos 1964 Restaurant. It happens to be our favourite Fish tavern and the detour was entirely worth it.

Kavos 1964, Isthmia Restaurant
An old family photo with Tassos father sitting

If you seek to find pure tastes and true values of the past, this is the place to be.  There is no other restaurant to offer QUALITY food in capitals, atmosphere and authentic tastes of the sea. Since 1964 Kavos specializes in local seafood and it continues to remain faithful to its identity. This time we were here unexpectedly, eager to try the Fish Soup which was our main dish along with a few mouthwatering starters.

Kavos 1964 Restaurant

Times and again I have seafood in great and gourmet restaurants but the quality and taste of Kavos 1964 Restaurant – Isthmia is incomparable to any other. Having grown up in a seaside city myself with a family whose passion was fishing as a hobby, I am well aware of what the taste of the catch of the day is like. There was always ample of fresh fish at home that was enough to give out to friends and relatives.

Tomato Salad

Kavos 1964, Isthmia RestaurantWhile the soup was being prepared in the kitchen, we had a few starters in the form of ‘meze’. Mind you, even a humble Greek Tomato Salad makes a difference here. Freshly cut peeled tomatoes in virgin olive oil, whose flavour remains in the air even when you have it all.

Seafood Meze -Appetizers

Kavos 1964, Isthmia RestaurantKavos 1964 Restaurant

Kavos 1964, Isthmia RestaurantTaramosalata, the fish roe dip had a fine taste and the Carpaccio, a delicate taste of freshness. We accompanied our meze with Tsipouro of course…what else?

Kavos 1964, Isthmia RestaurantLeaving behind our table for a while, I headed to the cuisine to have a little chat with Mrs Pagona. She is loveable and always with a smile and a good word. Everything in order, in her kitchen which is by now her ‘home’ as she likes to call it. She continues to be the master of the kitchen, always present to ensure that whatever taken out to customers complies with the high standards of Kavos and everything is prepared in an original way like years back.

Kavos 1964 Restaurant

The Grouper (ροφός) Fish soup is brought to the table in the same humble cooking pot that it was cooked.

Fish Soup

Kavos 1964, Isthmia RestaurantPrepared exclusively for us, the Fish Soup had a savory taste and was a delight. Words perhaps fail me describing the flavour and that amazing light yellowish smooth velvety texture.

Kavos 1964 Restaurant

Kavos 1964, Isthmia RestaurantBeing repeaters, we know the family business for years. Nothing goes out to the customers if the owners themselves don’t try it first and be satisfied. As for the service, expect genuine Greek hospitality. No matter how busy Tassos the owner and the son of Pagona might be, he is out as always around all tables chatting and spending time with all customers. This is something he does daily as the opinion of his customers’ counts a lot to him.

Main Course

Kavos 1964, Isthmia RestaurantA separate platter contains all the vegetables used in the fish soup. Cooked to perfection were tender and extremely tasty. Time flies when you are having a good time, and before we knew it, it was already late and time to continue our trip.

Kavos 1964, Isthmia RestaurantDessert

It was then that Mrs Pagona asks what we prefer. This time we leave the choice to her. When the waiter shows up with the treats, Mrs Pagona appears from behind with a handful of fragrant carnations from her little garden and hands them to me. A lovely gesture that I will cherish forever!  Spoiled for choice, we had our coffee accompanied with Mastic Ice cream topped with homemade spoon dessert -Cherries, and Wild Orange. All three, authentic Greek tastes!

Kavos 1964, Isthmia RestaurantVerdict

Everything we had was fresh and divine. The quality of the food really hit the spot in all departments. I cannot recall one bite that was not lovely. Next time you are in the area drop by Kavos 1964. There is no way to try the cuisine and not return for more. Kavos 1964 Restaurant – Isthnima is about 45 -50 minutes from Athens. Mind you, it is not a cheap tavern, but as everyone knows, -what we pay is what we get. We highly recommend it for all the above reasons.

Disclaimer: I was a guest at the Kavos 1964 Restaurant – Isthmia during this visit, but the opinions expressed in this article are, as always my own.

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Have you tried the cuisine of Kavos 1964? What was your experience like? Your comments are always welcomed


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