Feeling of the Old Greek Taverna!

Kuzina Restaurant is one of the few of many tavernas that have cropped up over the last few years as restaurant owners adapt to changing times. I came here with the highest expectations and I did not go wrong! I am impressed with the number of cosy modern restaurants that have popped up in Athens, pay heed to design and decorate the interior creating a feeling of the old ‘taverna’ but with great attention to presentation, quality and taste.

Kuzina restaurantOne such is Kuzina with the sophistication that characterizes today’s modern tavernas. Lately a lot of restaurants pay heed to design and decorate the interior to create the atmosphere of the old ‘taverna’.

Kuzina restaurantJust for the record, it runs successfully since 2006. Trained at the Culinary Institute of America, the owner Aris Tsanaklides’ is a well-known Chef with long working experience throughout the world.

KuzinaKuzina restaurant is located in the heart of the touristy part of Athens, -the famous pedestrian zone of Andrianou Street and enjoys an impressive view of the temple of Hephaestus and the Acropolis.

Kuzina Restaurant

Kuzina restaurantThe building itself is a gem, the beauty of the surroundings and the pleasant atmosphere and high aesthetic of the contemporary interior makes it a promising spot for what it serves. The terrace on the upper floor is a favourite venue in town and its atmosphere, especially in summer, is idyllic.


Kuzina restaurantIn the capacity of a Food critic, I sampled several of the most popular dishes of Kuzina restaurant from the a la carte menu. Kuzina is known for its Greek traditional, classic cuisine with fusion influence and the menu which is renewed every season is based on the best produce.


Kuzina restaurantAppetizers are always my favourite and we start off with four choices. Feta Cheese Dumplings ‘Loukoumades’. They were crunchy and toothsome. I got crazy with ‘Floyeres’ Rolls. They were filled with lamb and I dare request a few more. I was carried away with the flavour and taste, but just as good was the Cod which was spiced with aioli sauce. The Stew Octopus, on the other hand, was very different to what we usually come across in similar restaurants. It was presented with a creative fusion influence. In all, all four were exceptional and highly recommended!

Kuzina restaurantOctopus Stew with Visanto and Chickpeas puree.

Kuzina restaurantEach dish has the tastes of Greek authentic cuisine and is presented with creative fusion influence. The Veal Liver slices on bruschetta paired with Caramelized Onions are also packed with flavour and taste.


Kuzina RestaurantThe Green Salad with spinach sprinkled with cream cheese was eye-catching. The pine cone, cranberry and poached pear add flavour and make it an irresistibly refreshing temptation. Mind you, the portion is huge!

Main course options

Kuzina restaurantWe opted for Makarounes. A very tempting dish that can’t be missed. Never thought  I would like makarounes that much. They show first on the list and are one of the specialties of the restaurant. Kneaded with olives, veal ragout and traditional sour cheese – ‘ksinomizithra.’

Kuzina Restaurant – Athens, Greece

Kuzina RestaurantThe Roasted Pork had a mellow flavour, fit for the gods! (12 hours in the oven) with lime, basil cream & a cucumber, turnip & pepper salad. The meat was deliciously moist and so tender that almost melted in the mouth.

Kuzina RestaurantThe grilled Seabass was tenderly juicy and so tasty that words fail me. Big thumbs up to the chefs!  With so many tempting tastes, we are lost for choice. Aris Tsanaklides did manage to keep the classic traditional Greek flavours in his kitchen and is giving them out with fusion influence. One dish is better than the other and it is obvious that they use fresh ingredients of high quality.

Kuzina RestaurantTuna is not a fish that I would normaly buy or ask to have when I am out at a restaurant. I have never elsewhere tried tuna with such flavour. Be sure to ask for it when you come to Kuzina. It was marvelous!


Kuzina restaurantThere are five desserts in all on the list and we tried three. I rate the Tart as the best out of the three. The Tart with 70% Equador Casa Luker bitter chocolate was irresistible. I could have had it all if I was not that careful with calories….and luckily I don’t have a sweet tooth. Sprinkled with caramelized hazels this amazing dessert is truly lip-smacking.

Kuzina restaurantAnother finger licking delight. The Chestnut mousse with meringue and marron glace, it was not that sweet, light and perfect!

Kuzina restaurantThe Pistachio ‘Ravani’ with kaimaki ice cream was simply ok. Although flavoured with mastic sauce and aromatic herbs, yet it was treacly –overly sweet for my delicate palate. It could be yummy though for anyone who loves syrupy desserts.

More photos

Kuzina restaurantThe white hues of the interior and the intense rustic elements with the open kitchen exude a feeling of tranquillity and inviting sophistication. The building itself is a gem, the beauty of the surroundings and the pleasant atmosphere and high aesthetic of the contemporary interior makes it a promising spot for what it serves.

Kuzina restaurant

Bottom Line

The overall experience was great. The restaurant offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in all, while some of the dishes inspired me for my own cuisine too. Exceptional quality, great variety and impeccable service out of professional staff. Perfect for a romantic outing, a friendly gathering for lunch or dinner and ideal for business lunch meetings. Highly recommended!


Disclaimer: I was a guest at the Kuzina Restarant – Athens, Greece during this visit, but the opinions expressed in this article are, as always my own.

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Have you tried the cuisine of Kuzina? What was your favourite dish? Your comments are always welcomed


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