Larnaca’s must-see attractions will impress first-time visitors and not only! The city of Larnaca is a seaside resort, a thin ribbon of a town that you can walk around most of it.  There is a surprise in every corner waiting to be explored, discovered and enjoyed. The island’s main airport is here so it can be the perfect starting point to explore the island. It is the third largest city endowed with scenic vistas, beautiful beaches, with many historical and cultural sites and lots of old-fashioned beautiful villages hidden away around in the district.

The Palm Tree Promenade

Palm Tree promenade is also known as Finikoudes is a touristy spot, famous for its trendy café bars and chic restaurants.

Larnaca’s Must See Attractions

Finikoudes Coast

A lively spot in Larnaca to be any time of day, year or season and it gets even more beautiful in the evening with all the lights on. On summer nights the avenue is full of life till dawn.

Larnaca’s Must See Attractions

Finikoudes by night

The Salt Lake

The Salt Lake complex is the second largest Salt Lake in Cyprus and measures 2.2sq.kms. It is of international ecological significance and a protected area. Between November and March tens of thousands of colorful migratory birds, among others, the Pink flamingos, visit the lake and use it as a temporary home. They gather in the center and perform ritual mating dances and breed. Flamingos are fed with a kind of pink shrimp that lives in the water. During summer the water evaporates leaving a crust of salt and a haze of gray dust by the banks. The best point to take photos is from the birds’ observatories that enjoy a breathtaking view. In prehistoric times the Salt Lake was a harbour that served the town, unearthed near where the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque stands today.

The Lake’s Trail

There is a trail next to the Salt Lake, starting from the road that leads to the airport very close to Pattichio Park extends as far as the Old Roman Aqueduct. It is very popular with locals and tourists as well. Various flora of trees, shrubs, and flowers are signposted with information along the way and in case you get tired there are benches on the way to rest.

Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque

Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque is very near the Salt Lake. In prehistoric times the lake was a harbour that served the town.

Larnaca’s Must See Attractions

It is the first thing you look upon reaching Larnaca, but don’t bother to visit it as the building itself has not much to show, but do make a stop at the Salt Lake to enjoy the most breathtaking sunsets.

Stavrovouni Monastery

Stavrovouni Monastery is similar to Mount Athos in Greece where women are not permitted to enter.  Monks won’t permit the use of a camera or a video and men who visit must be appropriately dressed. The Monastery is perched on a rocky peak 750 meters above sea level, and it is approximately 40kms from Larnaca. It is advisable to call before visiting.

The Monastery is open the year through and it is closed only on Public Holidays

Operating Hours:

  • September – March: 07:00-11:00/ 14:00-17:00
  • April – August: 07:00 – 12:00 / 15:00 – 19:00
  • GPS:  Lat: 34.886923   Lon: 33.436681
  • Phone +357 22 533 630

On the foothills of Stavrovouni, there is another worth visiting monastery –that of Ayia Varvara. Monks here who are known for their iconography skills welcome all visitors.

Photo Gallery

Larnaca’s yacht marina -view

Larnaca’s Marina is a wonderful and serene location. The sight of the rippling water as the sun goes down makes for a perfect leisurely walk in the warm evenings. The marina is sure to be the prime location to end a perfect day.

The Church of Saint Lazarus

The Church of Saint Lazarus is a 9th century Greek Orthodox Church that is one of many symbols of beautiful architecture and culture on the island. Within the church, the preserved interior, the intricate, gold iconostasis, the exquisite hand-carved wooden furniture, and other gorgeous religious icons will awe visitors. Integral to the town of Larnaca, the church hosts a procession of the saint through Larnaca on St Lazarus’ day, eight days before Easter so try to schedule your trip to coincide.

Inside the Castle of Larnaca

This ancient medieval stronghold boasts many valuable and beautiful antiquities from its noble past.  The castle is one of the smallest on the island but nonetheless, preserves its artifacts beautifully and is guaranteed to offer you a fascinating tour of its history as well as an immersive walk through the past. All keen historians should definitely pay this cornerstone of Cypriot legacy a visit.

Hope the list of places of interest would make the most of your time in Larnaca.
What do you think of Larnaca as a destination?


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