I am in Latchi Polis Chrysochous, it is the beginning of May, and I experienced an unexpected weather this 3rd day of my stay at the Aphrodite Beach Hotel. Swimming is my passion. Actually, I am crazy about it….but I get crazier particularly when I swim in these deep, turquoise crystal waters out here. I try to be in Cyprus in spring because the weather is at its best, and if I can make it, I return again later on in the summer. This time I am carrying my flippers along all the way from Greece, to get the most out of the stay and spend as many time in the water as possible. Friends who know me well, do know that I normally swim the least 2 to 3 hours sometimes more, without getting out of the water, not for a second.

An hour after breakfast I normally get to the beach and this is exactly what I am doing today. I notice storm-clouds looming on the horizon approaching little by little while swimming, but the water is so inviting that I hesitate at first to get out. It is not long when one after the other the residents come ashore.

 Unexpectedly the Weather Changes

Latchi Polis Chrysochous

The weather changed so suddenly and become severe. There was a strong wind, heavy rain with thunder and lightning in a sequence of 3 to 4 minutes. This same sequence of thunder keept on until the storm was over!

The waters after the storm

The non-stop rain and thunder hail storm exceeded the two hours, but I managed to get to the room in time before getting very wet. It all started so fast! I admit there were moments when I felt scared. I waited until the storm was over like everyone else and returned to the beach once again. It wasn’t long before the sun was out shining brightly again…this is the charismatic weather of Cyprus like, in spring!

Cyprus weather in May

Cyprus has one of the warmest climates in the Mediterranean because of its location, so temperatures are rising in May. You can expect lots of sunshine. The first week of May there are usually several days of windy weather with fresh spring breezes blowing in from the sea. The average maximum temperature for the month is 24°C on the west coast, 27°C on the south coast and 30°C inland. During this beautiful month, you can expect 14 hours of daylight with ten hours of sunshine daily. Take care in the sun as UV levels will be high, while sunset’s just after 7.30pm at the beginning of May and gradually gets later.


Bottom Line

The article is to give you a brief picture of what the weather could be like in Cyprus in May.


Have you ever had one such experience?  What was it like?

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