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Limanaki Restaurant Limassol is nestled right on the water edge at an enchanting setting where guests can watch the bouncy of the waters and enjoy the sounds of the waves. It makes the perfect atmosphere for a seafood restaurant.

I dined twice at Limanaki Restaurant Limassol during my stay at the Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel. In the capacity of a Food critic, I comment on the two dining experiences I had on this last visit. Limanaki Restaurant is a steady value through the years and there is no doubt that it is by far the best seafood restaurant in Limassol.

Limanaki Restaurant Limassol

The Limanaki Restaurant’s name stands for “small port”. Fresh fish and seafood are brought here from the best suppliers. As you approach the fresh fish counter and tanks, they give an insight into the freshness of the food that is to be served.

The design of the Limanaki Restaurant Limassol supports its name in full as it looks like a big lavish ship that has moored ashore with the day’s catch. Triangular awnings and a stylized sail stretch over the tables for shelter while at day-break and as the sun goes down the colourful sails, spotlights create a pleasant atmosphere. The outdoor seating is for summer only with the gentle sea breeze blowing and the waves sparkling in starlight, creating the unique setting for romantic dinner outings!


I was quite disappointed with the service the first evening and for a minute I wanted to leave, though a totally different picture the next when I showed up and I was accompanied by a member of the management. The first night at Limanaki Restaurant Limassol, several tables were not occupied and others had the ‘Reserved’ card on. I had to change 3 tables that were free, to finally be given the one the waiters wanted me to sit, while guests were watching all this time the scene. This was enough to spoil my first evening there, and feeling that bad, I decided to tell them who I am. Instantly they became friendly and approachable. Two of the tables were still empty by the time I left that first evening.

Starters & Salads

The menu includes Local & International cuisine with daily caught seafood delicacies the cost of which varies depending on the weight. Olive and tomato paste with virgin olive oil, the welcoming dips the first night, accompanied by toasted crusty rustic bread. I also had a very fresh and extremely flavoursome Greek traditional.

The second night we had the Cuttlefish and Rocket Parmesan salads as well as Courgette Flower tempura and some yummy baby potatoes…Unique in taste and texture!


Mussels were fresh and extremely tasty! Poached in an aromatic herb and fresh as they were, they smelled the sea.

Limanaki Restaurant Limassol

The Alaska King Crab is one of the most succulent and delicious of all types of flesh. We had them steamed and grilled and were sided by a sauce which I did not use only not to spoil the original flavour. Fresh and exquisite and bursting with flavour they only needed a few drops of lemon to be perfect.

Oysters were a delight. How better to savour the sweet flesh of oysters infused with the natural iodine of the sea! Their sensual pleasures go beyond taste; it is a ritual and not a matter of taste but the way you eat them! We had time to relax in between enjoying a few sips of wine contemplating the sea and the starred sky over a friendly chat.

Main course

The first night I opted for a Grilled Tiger Prawn (0.120kg) and Grilled Red Mullet (0.250kg) both fresh and mouthwatering.

The second night we had Grilled Sea Bass, cooked to perfection, it was exceptionally tasty with a great firm texture. Big thumbs up!

Sorbet & Dessert

A lovely lemon sorbet to cleanse the palate before dessert on both nights and pergamont fruit spoon dessert the first night.

The second evening we finished off with the Red Fruit Temptation which was superb in every way! Imagine the taste of marinated strawberries with vanilla cream and strawberry sorbet with black currant berry flavour. Get ready for a taste of heaven!


Ouzo to start with on both nights to accompany appetizers and wine to follow. We had two choices of Chardonnay white from two of the most popular local wineries.


I was spoiled for choice on both nights. The food was utterly delicious while the location is superb. You have to experience it to get the absolute feeling and the authentic tastes of what Limanaki Fish restaurant offers. Seafood never seems to be a cheap option but there is a great value for money especially given the setting and freshness of the dishes.

Disclaimer: I was a guest at Limanaki Fish Restaurant during this visit, but the opinions expressed in this article are, as always my own.

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