Living in Hawaii for a local might not mean that much, but for a foreigner, the sound of the word ‘Hawaii’ seems like an earthly paradise. So, if you are ready to make the big move to Hawaii, there are a few things you do need to take into consideration before you pack up and move to the Big Island to start living in Hawaii.

There are 8 main islands which make up the state of Hawaii (Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kahoolawe, Lanai, Molokai, Kauai, and Niihau). There is one additional small island, the Kaala, near Niihau that is often overlooked.

It would be ideal to have visited all the Hawaiian Islands on vacation first so you can take the best decision. You see, each of them is different from the rest, and you must be sure which one is the right for you.

Addicted to the thought that the warm tropical breeze lifts your senses as you deplane and walk -even skipping to claim your baggage, you imagine the relaxing feeling of coming home!

Having had experienced the many attractions available here, only then you realize that this is where you want to settle down, and have an intense desire to move to the island of your choice.

Before anything else, you need to contemplate the pros and cons of this big move in your life.

  • Research the expenses entailed for this venture.
  • Check out housing possibilities and prices,
  • Find out the cost of shipping your household goods, furniture and car, boat, motorcycles to the island.
  • You have to assure if it is best to sell or bring everything with you.
  • To look into possibilities for work in your field of expertise or creative skills.

Moving to Hawaii is a big decision to make that takes time and consideration, how this is going to affect you and your family and friends. Can you afford to live in Hawaii, which is very expensive to live?

Rent alone has become “very” expensive. Food prices are much higher, just like gasoline. Several people who move to Hawaii find it hard to find a house or a job. They begin to miss family, relatives, and friends back home and are not in the position to afford living here.  At times like this, the Island life becomes confining sooner or later for some.

Taking the right decision is very important when contemplating this big move. Otherwise, it becomes way too expensive to move back home if it does not work out.  Mind you; this happens to a lot of people who attempt to do it.

My piece of advice would be if you find yourself in this situation after moving here, give it a year at least before putting that expense out again.

The moment you feel that you have taken the big decision and you are to move in Hawaii, you have to consider family’s and friends’ reactions. They will question your judgment, pull guilt trips and they might try to convince you not to move. You will need to explain and make them understand that you are not running away from them, but you are moving to a great vacation spot, where they can come and visit.  And because you get to live in Hawaii, they should be happy for you, right?

Steps to help you plan your big move

  1. Find a reliable moving company to ship your container if you are bringing your household with you. Google shipping to Hawaii, many sites to choose from. Most shippers use Matson; they are most reliable with the best rates.
  2. When deciding what to bring, consider how important it is for you, and if you truly will need it. Many times people carry along much stuff they will never use, many years later. Many people don’t bring any of their household goods and purchase everything new or used here. You can buy everything online, from locals stores, posting ads and discount used stores. One such is Honolulu Craigslist.
  3. Purchasing your airfare, finding best seasonal price and airline for your big adventure. Try to use miles for this move, save on expenses. Conserving money now helps in the long run.
  4. Pre-Packing in plastic container is best to use if you’re using a container to move. They don’t collapse when stacking and fit together as they are stackable.
  5. You can pack everything yourself or have the moving company take care of all of it, wrapping up your goods and transfer them to the container knowing they will be packed securely and have a safe arrival. Get insurance to file claims if anything valuable does break.
  6. Check how long it takes for your container and car to arrive so that you can plan when you want to reach before it does or on the same day or later. Most moving companies can store your container for a short period if needed.

Things to consider before jumping on the plane

  • After everything is shipped you don’t have a bed to sleep in so, you can fly right away and find a hotel or better yet have a friend you can stay within Hawaii until your container arrives which may take weeks to reach. A car usually delays more. You could also be hosted by a family or friends in your hometown until you want to leave. (That is if you have a house already for you to move into).
  • Consider the cost of a hotel and food eating out during your waiting period
  • Renting a car until your own arrives.

Now that you have arrived

Finding a job and a house to live. You can search while waiting or contact a realtor to help you with your move. Buying or renting they can help you. Being on the island is best because houses go quickly. is a great help in finding everything you may need, rent/buy house, jobs, household goods, everything. Beware though; Craigslist is known to have scammer preying on you. Never give out your email address to enquirers, any of your personal information and never rent a house sight unseen or mail payment if you haven’t met them.

This move is a big adventure for anyone to take but once you are here, you fall into the slower pace, start getting acquainted with the way of life and the culture of the island.

Be responsible for yourself, taking care to be considerate of others at all times here. We are a loving group of native Hawaiians, mainlanders and we love to share our land with anyone who is caring as well.

Hawaii isn’t for angry, opinionated, self-deserving, impatient souls thinking about themselves only.

Hawaii welcomes lovers of the self, kind, caring, giving, friendly, irreproachable, compassionate souls willing to open themselves up for new adventures and to the ways of life that are so prominent here.

I have known people who have moved here and found it very difficult finding a place to live, a job and every turn they make are working against themselves until they run back to their home. If Hawaii’s Pele god doesn’t like you, she can make it difficult for you, but if she wants you, you will find great fortune here. Strange how she knows whom you really are.  Good Luck in your move, your search for housing, a great job or other opportunities.


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