Lufthansa Airlines is the biggest of its kind alliance in the world with 28 other airline members. It is the largest airline in Europe, both in terms of passengers carried and fleet size of 656 aircrafts. Lufthansa alone has 267 aeroplanes registered under their name. It can easily be compared to the Emirates in terms of size which operates 245 wide-body air carriers and makes it one of the biggest airlines in the world. Most airlines these days trust in the Airbus A380 Super Jumbo and the 747’s are slowly fading from the skies. Lufthansa whatsoever made the decision to purchase 20 brand new Jumbos which makes it the biggest 747-8 fleet in the world. Beside the German Carrier, only Air China and Korean Air are customers of Boeing’s new flagship.

Athens Business Lounge

The small lounge still has the old-style furniture, with nothing fancy compared to similar lounges in other destinations, and it is before security.

Lufthansa Airlines

You can access the lounge on a Star Alliance flight, even if you are flying out of the Schengen area. All you need is a boarding pass to access but of course, you will then need to leave this area and go through passport control before your flight.

Food Choices

A mixture of Greek and German food, with a tub of hot soup with hot rolls on the side. Variety of sandwiches in the front of the bar and to the left, tubs with Lufthansa’s famous ‘lard’ and herb mix. If not fond of this, there is Tzatziki too. A Salad on another stand –tomato, cucumber, and lettuce.

Complimentary Facilities

  • Well-equipped with Wi-Fi, USB and regular charging ports, two large TV screens.
  • Greek, German and international newspapers and magazines for guests who want to be updated with the latest news.
  • Open every day between 4.30am and 8.30pm.

Lufthansa/Star Alliance business class customers, HΟΝ, Senator and Frequent Traveler card holders, as well as Star Alliance Gold Customers, have access to the business lounge.

Lufthansa Airlines


Personal Experience

We have had long and shorter flights with Lufthansa times and again using both economy and business class. Collecting miles gives us access to more flights and our flights so far have been smooth and comfortable with one exception when there was a delay where then we were offered complimentary snacks and drinks. Entertaining programs are average but are much better on long overseas trips. The crew is mostly friendly and helpful.


Spending Points & Miles Cautiously

  • Even though flights are free, taxes are still to be paid extra.
  • Avoid using your miles in short trips when you can use budget airlines.
  • Don’t Let Miles Expire, or use Airline miles for Hotel stays.
  • Avoid using them for Gift Cards or Shopping Vouchers, on Buying Food, Drinks or Magazines.
  • Avoid spending your precious points on buying any kind of Merchandise.
  • Don’t use your points on flights or Hotels that you can comfortably afford.

Lufthansa Airlines

One last -Avoid go for cash + points schemes:

A number of airlines lately offer the opportunity to use a combination of cash + points to book a ticket. Though there could be rare instances where this makes sense, for the most part, you’ll pay both more miles and more cash than you should. Assure at least to compare options like booking entirely with cash, or entirely with miles before taking the plunge. You’ll often find that one or the other make far more sense.

Bottom Line

At the World Airline Awards held at Paris Air Show on 20th June 2017, Lufthansa ranks 7th out of the Top 100 airlines worldwide. The awards, described as “the Oscars of the aviation industry”, are most coveted Quality accolades for the world airline industry, and a global benchmark of airline excellence. The company’s goal is to be the first choice for customers, partners and employes and intends to continue playing a significant role in shaping the global aviation market.

What is your experience like with Lufthansa? Comments count a lot!


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