Malta first time visitors are usually delighted with the beauty of the island, as Malta is a great destination to visit with idyllic scenery, beautiful beaches tasty cuisine, almost 300 sunny days and culture that ticks nearly all boxes. It is made up of 3 main islands, – Malta, Gozo and Comino. Check below some essential tips and recommendations that might make your stay experience more relaxed!

Major Malta Places to Visit

Malta First Time VisitorsIf on a short stay in Malta, you could include on the list of ‘Must See Places” Valeta, the Capital of Malta, Mdina and Rabat, St Julian’s, Sliema and Paceville. Check here, the Major Malta Places to Visit!

Malta First Time Visitors

Best time to Visit

Malta First Time VisitorsMalta is better suited as a summer destination when you can enjoy beach activities. On this first trip, we did not get that wow factor as in Cyprus and Greece. The visit was beginning of February with rainy days and chilly weather. The second trip, most probably in spring!

The Maltese Language

It is always exhilarating when stepping into a new country, having to face the challenge of communication. Malta First time visitors should know that Malta has two official languages. Heard the Maltese for the first time myself at the Oceana Restaurant of the Hilton Malta when a lady was chatting with a Cook. I asked them what language they were speaking, and later on, tried to find out a bit more about it. Heavily influenced by Arabic elements due to Arabic conquests of both Malta and parts of Sicily, the Maltese language is made up of 50% Italian words, 44% of Semitic/Arabic words and 6% English origin words.

  • Currency: Euro
  • Official Language: Maltese and English
  • Wi-Fi Availability: Easy to find free Wi-Fi internet hotspot access areas.
  • Driving: In Malta, you must drive on the left side of the road.
  • Electrical Adapters: Standard electrical voltage is 240 volts at 50 Hertz.
  • Driver’s License: Fine, if it comes from an EU country, but for other license holders, you need an international driving permit to drive in Malta.

Maltese Cuisine

Malta First Time VisitorsOne of the most striking features of Maltese cuisine is seafood and the popularity of pork. They use it on a lot of the traditional dishes. When it comes to regional variations in Classic Maltese food, that difference is most evident when it comes to the desserts and sweets. Desserts prepared in Malta will vary according to the fruits and vegetables available for the season.

Means of Transport in Malta

Buses in Malta

Malta First Time VisitorsThe Maltese public transport, on the whole, is a great and cheap way to move anywhere on the island of Malta but you need to be patient especially if you plan to visit Malta in summer. Getting agitated won’t help the situation! Malta First time visitors shouldn’t be surprised to see long queues during the high season. Several bus drivers won’t stop to pick tourists and ignore any gesture of waving at them, while others won’t show up at all. Once you are on a bus, tickets are valid for two hours.

Malta First Time Visitors

Ferries in Malta

Malta First Time VisitorsIf you plan on visiting Valletta from Sliema (or vice versa) or the Three Cities, the harbour ferry can be the fastest route.  A one-way ticket costs €1.50 and a return €2.80. As for a visit to Gozo, travellers don’t pay a thing to get to the island, but they are required to pay the €4.65 fare upon returning to Malta.

Taxis in Malta

Taxis in Malta don’t use a metre, so better agree on the fare before stepping in the taxi you hail from the street. When considering the lack of parking spaces available in many areas, the price of car hire and the full busses during summer, taxis are a good alternative.

Malta First Time Visitors

To and from the Malta International Airport

Malta First Time VisitorsAirport Bus

  • Route X1 goes to the North of the island, towards Mellieha and Cirkewwa where you can board the ferry to Gozo.
  • Route X2 goes to the popular St. Julians, where you can get a connection to Sliema.
  • Route X3 passes through central Malta on its way to Bugibba.
  • Route X4 goes to the south towards Birzebbuga.
  • From Malta Airport to Gozo and Comino
  • There is a direct bus line (X1) from Malta Airport to Cirkewwa Ferry Port terminal. It departs every 40 minutes.

Bus Tickets from the Airport

Malta First Time VisitorsBuy bus tickets from the airport office or directly from the bus driver.  The cost is €1.50 for all bus-lines and €2.00 in summer. Night bus lines cost €3.00

Malta First Time Visitors

 Late arrivals

Malta first time visitors won’t have to worry on late arrivals. For late after midnight arrivals take bus line N10. It stops at the airport every half hour between 01:00 – 04:00.

Money exchange

There is no exchange office and very few ATMs at the airport. Better carry some euros along before your flight.


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