Malta top sights of interest travel guide will take you through the must-visit places not to be missed particularly if on a short-term stay. The island has a mythical charm to it brought together by its stunning prehistoric temples and medieval architecture. Amidst the tranquil Mediterranean sea and the clear blue skies, sits an archipelago called the Republic of Malta, a group of three main islands in the form of Malta proper, Gozo and Comino. Malta attracts more and more visitors each year who flock to the island to enjoy the glorious weather, the outstanding history, the food and the Maltese culture on the whole. Here is the list Malta top sights of interest

Valetta the Capital of Malta

Malta Top Sights of InterestValetta, seaport and capital of Malta, is packed with sites of historical significance and buildings dating back to the 16th century. It is one of the most historic areas in the world, described by the World Heritage website of UNESCO, despite its small size.  No trip to Malta is complete without a visit to Valetta. Expect to spend at least a half day if not a full day, as the capital city of Malta is easy to reach and explored on foot.

Things to Do in Valetta

Admire the Architecture

Malta Top Sights of InterestMany of the residences were inhabited in the past by noble families and passed down through the generations that still associate with the more-wealthy. Embedded in tall walls with tiny deceiving doorways lead to properties with vast interiors. The beautifully coloured doorways are impressive in every way. From freshly painted and pristine, to chipped and battered, however, the older ones tell more of a story especially within a country that has over 6.000 years of history.

Malta Top Sights of Interest

St John’s Cathedral

One of the most notable buildings in Valletta is St. John’s Co-Cathedral, built between 1573 and 1578. It is one of the most splendid cathedrals found in all of Europe. The interior is an exuberant work of art, gilded in gold and the floor covered with the tombs of many of the distinguished knights of the order. The biggest attraction though is the Beheading of St John the Baptist by Caravaggio.

The Pedestrian Waterfront of Valetta

Malta Top Sights of InterestThe cruise port is a tranquil location away from the city centre, a stunning promenade of Valetta. The pedestrian waterfront is a perfect location for relaxation accompanied by food and drink. Restaurants in this area host an array of cuisines to suit all budgets, along with unique shops.

Malta Top Sights of InterestTake a Boat Tour

If you have the time, take a boat tour of the Grand Harbour where you can experience views that can only be witnessed close-up by boat. Visit the three fortified cities of Cospicua, Vittoriosa and Senglea, see monuments and creeks and have the pleasure of relaxing and taking everything in with a professional commentary along the way.

Malta Top Sights of Interest

Mdina and Rabat Malta

Malta Top Sights of InterestMdina and Rabat offer an escape from the busy Sliema and touristy streets of Valetta. They are two of the best places to visit in Malta especially if you are on a short stay. Small in size, it is highly recommended to take your time to wander around. The centre of Rabat is only a five-minute walk away from the main entrance gate of Mdina, not inconvenient at all to visit both!

  • Mdina, also known as the Silent city commands the rural skyline. Perched on the hilltop, with its dwindling alleys the town seems to have frozen in time. It is a fortified medieval town enclosed in bastions with an unusual mix of medieval and baroque architecture. The main entrance to Mdina, known as Mdina Gate or Vilhena Gate, is a distinct example of what to find beyond it.
  • Famous for some of the most beautiful churches and cathedrals, the most important of them being the Cathedral of the Conversion of St. Paul. The National Museum of Natural History and National Aquarium and the Palazzo Falson (Norman House are some of the places of interest, to name a few! Mdina also has a claim to fame as being the filming location for King’s Landing in the first season of Game of Thrones.

Things to Do in Mdina Malta

Marvel at the Mdina Malta Dungeons

Malta Top Sights of InterestThe Mdina Dungeons are a stone’s throw from Mdina’s main gate. It is supposed to be one of the attractions, dimly lit with authentic entwining passageways and chambers of the dungeons running under the Vilhena Palace with sound effects of a dark and often forgotten side to medieval Malta. It shows the way people were punished those days for even a minor offence. The place looked very dusty, but unfortunately, we could feel the dust in the air too and was one of the reasons we hurried to get outside. Expensive for what you will get and our visit lasted the most, 10 minutes.

Malta Top Sights of Interest

Malta Top Sights of InterestIf you wonder what is there to do in Mdina after you see the highlights on your list, follow an alley and see where it takes you. Try to get lost in the back streets, take pictures and imagine what was like living here the time of the Knights!

Malta Top Sights of InterestOwners of the houses are noble and give attention to the colourfully painted doors of their estates. Look closely at the intricate door knobs and knockers. You will see lions and angels and many more. Find them in shops to buy and take home.

Mdina Malta at Night

Malta Top Sights of InterestA visit to Mdina in the day is not enough! Come in the evening as the city is in shadows, and the silence feels more natural at this time, come, to enjoy the stillness of the streets, the ambient light of the gas lamps.

Malta Top Sights of Interest

Rabat Malta

Malta Top Sights of InterestOne of Malta top sights of interest is the centre of Rabat. It is only a five-minute walk away from the main entrance gate of Mdina, not inconvenient at all to visit both! Adjacent to Mdina the town of Rabat -literally translates to either ‘fortified town’ or ‘suburb’ with some intriguing points of interest.

Things to Do in Rabat Malta

Malta Top Sights of InterestThe Cathedral has the Baroque style (17th century) dedicated to the Patron Saint of Malta. Surrounded by marble and detailed stone masonry, the interior of the cathedral is even more awe-inspiring than its beautiful exterior with an ornate vault, gilded and with an arched ceiling of paintings of St Paul’s Shipwreck.

Malta Top Sights of Interest

St Paul’s Catacombs

St Paul’s Catacombs, is the largest Roman underground cemetery in Malta, with a series of corridors, cavities with small and larger rooms that bear original work carved into the stone.

Malta Top Sights of Interest

Buskett Gardens Malta

Malta Top Sights of InterestBuskett Gardens is a lush green woodland spot, planted as a hunting area by the Knights of Malta. Nowadays, an ideal area for picnics with pathways throughout the beautiful gardens. Within its walls, besides wildflowers, there are orange, lemon and olive groves, cactus and pine trees. If you find yourself in Malta in June, you can enjoy the feast of St Peter and Paul as well.

How to get to Mdina and Rabat Malta

The best way to get around Malta for tourists is by bus. Since there is no bus station within the walled city, even if you intend to visit only Mdina, you still need to take the bus to Rabat that heads to the bus station which would be your starting point. Read also some essential tips for Malta first time visitors, part of which refers to Malta’s means of transport.

Malta Top Sights of Interest

St Julian’s Malta

Malta Top Sights of InterestSt. Julian’s could be a great base to explore Malta. It used to be a fishing village, later on, it turned to be a summer residence for well off locals. Nowadays it is an upmarket residential area, a hub of energy night and day. Although it is a hectic town, yet you can still find it to be quiet and relaxing in several ways. The beautiful promenade runs all the way from Sliema right up to St Julian’s.

Malta Top Sights of Interest

Sliema Malta

Malta Top Sights of InterestThe Sliema beachfront with fishing boats and yachts is one of the most photogenic promenades. A unique place for photos. It is extremely popular with locals during summer, joggers and walkers but also unique for romantic moon stroll. Open air restaurants and cafes have made Sliema the hub of social nightlife.

Malta Top Sights of Interest
Malta Balluta Bay

Paceville Malta

The Paceville is a Nightlife hub and a party destination, but not for everyone! Paceville life centres on Dragonara Road, Wilga Street, St. Georges Road and St Rita Steps where clubs, bars, restaurants, snack outlets, discos and more spill out into paved streets. It isn’t that attractive a place by day, but at night, it’s like Malta’s mini version of London’s Soho, -loud, brash and in your face.

Shopping in St Julian’s Malta

Shopping in St. Julian’s is a big thing. It is your one-stop-shopping centre. Get to Bay Street to find all sorts of shops from clothes and accessories to shoes and sport-outlets. For something more exclusive, for a more luxurious shopping and dining experience, head to Portomaso. This area was very close to the Hilton Malta one of the highly recommended hotels in the area.

Malta Top Sights of Interest

Restaurants in St Julian’s

Malta Top Sights of InterestMost Restaurants in St Julian’s are up to standard, from Michelin star to Asian and Mediterranean fusion, Italian or Greek – it’s all at your fingertips. A few to mention, the Caviar & Bull Malta, Barracuda Restaurant Malta, The Blue Elephant Malta, Taro Restaurant Malta, Oceana Restaurant St. Julian’s, Bacco Sticks & Sum by Hugo’s.

The Maltese Restaurant Scene

Malta has an incredibly impressive restaurant scene and eating out does not cost too much. The Maltese cuisine is marvellous, complex and worth indulging in, with influences from its Sicilian neighbours to the north and from Morocco and Tunisia to the south. Check 10 Favourite Fine Dining Malta Restaurants

Bottom Line

Malta is unquestionably an unexpected experience, so tiny but packed with culture. It does not leave any stone unturned in impressing its visitor. An impressive and diverse country that one week is not enough to see even half of it. It has many beautiful places to discover with such a glowing and intriguing history, it is easily accessible, budget-friendly and the weather is fantastic. The second trip is on its way shortly, hopefully with a chance to spend at least two or three days at Gozo this time.


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