Metropolitan Cathedral Sveta Nedelya (St Kyriaki Orthodox Church) is another significant milestone in Sofia worth visiting. The main in Sofia’s metropolitan cathedral with an 800-years history. In 1863 was built on top of Roman remains of a large communal building and discovered much later below.

They built the church once again when in the long run suffered from a vast amount of explosives during the coup of 1925.

Metropolitan Cathedral Sveta Nedelya

The holy remains of the Serbian king Stefan Urosh II Milutin (1282-1321) remain preserved in a reliquary and on 29 October, the annual dress change takes place. The garments from the previous year are removed, cut into pieces and given as a blessing to worshippers.

Metropolitan Cathedral Sveta Nedelya is domed in a central plan style, with Neo-Byzantine construction characteristics. The 11-bell tower, the gilded and wood-carved iconostasis with two tiers of icons, and the richly decorated walls evoke awe and admiration.

Metropolitan Cathedral Sveta Nedelya


20 Seta Nedelya Sq.

Worth Visiting:

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