Exquisite Tastes!

Morias Restaurant Costa Navarino is popular for its Greek and International Cuisine. It is at this restaurant that guests of The Westin Resort Costa Navarino have their breakfast each morning. The American breakfast has tons of options, definitely making your morning very happy!

The interior is enormous with imposing chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, open kitchens with nicely displayed benches with everything you can think of, all fresh local produce.

The buffet of the Morias Main restaurant of the Westin Costa Navarino, has tons of options, surely making your morning very happy! Once you gather your food and of course order your Greek coffee, you can sit down and take in the lovely atmosphere of the terrace with the breathtaking view of the gardens.

Morias Restaurant Costa Navarino

Sitting indoors can be quite noisy especially if the time you come here happens to be the peak hour. Children and people are going up and down and there is always somebody going by as you attempt to enjoy the most, your first meal of the day.

Outdoor Seating

The second day we decided to sit out on the terrace for more peace and quiet and it was indeed much better. The outdoor seating is totally different, seems more pleasing during summer. This time Morias Restaurant Costa Navarino was overlooked by a trained hawk. It was here to keep small birds that attempt to sit on the tables, fly away. It is quite friendly and it has become kids’ attraction.

Morias Restaurant Costa Navarino

We found the right table next to the water. Friendly waiters would refill coffee or fetch freshly squeezed orange juice for us, although I noticed a few amateur whom I approached and passed them on a few tips, on the importance of a smile… Everything is so delicious and what I always enjoy are the grilled mushrooms, vegetables and any kind of berries. This time I enjoyed the local pastries a lot and of course as always, fresh orange juice counts a lot. Oranges of this region are well known for their exceptional taste!

Evening Buffet

Diverse evening buffet at the Westin Costa Navarino main restaurant showcased a wide array of international cuisine and provides the opportunity to choose your own favourites. Having some free time to myself that late afternoon as I was leisurely walking nearby taking photos of the pools, I stepped in for a while for some extra shots.

The above presentation with the poor pig’s head placed on that tray seemed to be very cruel.

It was hard to resist anything that was eye-catching and I did some nibbling I have to admit as I was going around. I chatted a lot with the so friendly staff behind the benches who would explain with pleasure the different dishes if I asked them.  Everything was nicely presented..shouting to be eaten!

Morias Restaurant Costa Navarino



I am glad I had this opportunity to pass through all the buffet stands of the Morias restaurant  and not only see but taste at least what I believed I would have chosen if I were to dine here. The choice was huge and the tastes did not differ at all from other restaurants that have the a la carte choice. I had to hurry and go and meet the group for our own dining experience. So, go for Morias Restaurant Costa Navarino. It definitely won’t disappoint you!


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