Myoka Spa Le Meridien had become our oasis during our stay at the hotel. Its interior basks an atmosphere of relaxation and offers an exclusive private refuge of wellness and harmony. A painful backache was killing me those days, and I felt quite uncomfortable. I still had 3 days to go with several appointments, a trip to Gozo, plus sightseeing and with all these, I had no idea how to cope, until I visited the Spa.

Myoka Spa Le Meridien MaltaI dropped by, the Myoka Spa that same afternoon of my arrival and had an extended chat with the duty supervisor telling her about my back problem. She explained in detail every step of the treatment for my case, she recommended the traditional ‘Elakizhi’ Ayurveda treatment and set the appointment for the next morning. In the suite, I had the opportunity to go through the leaflets I was given earlier to check. There were lots. You can easily get lost for choice!

The Lotus Indoor Pool

Myoka Spa Le Meridien MaltaThe Lotus indoor swimming pool is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel, close to the Myoka Spa facilities. A real haven of peace, this heated pool evokes a fascinating oriental atmosphere.

Myoka Spa Le Meridien MaltaThe list indicated treatments of Body, Mind & Soul, and Ayurveda. Special Face treatments, Baths Body Scrubs & Wraps, Oriental & Holistic therapies, Hands & Feet but also Signature packages. The whole experience will set you into an unrivalled sensorial experience where Orient, Mediterranean and Nordic fragrances meet Maltese essences! With specifically tailored treatments for individual requirements, Myoka Spa Le Meridien offers top-notch services and a plethora of different other treatments.

Myoka Spa Le Meridien MaltaSo, I am back to the Myoka Spa the next day, much after breakfast. My therapist is waiting for me and gives me a warm welcome. In the meantime, I am glad I had completed the questionnaire the previous day, thus I save time. With no delay, Ciara instructs me in a soft voice to follow her into a treatment room where for the next couple of hours I was pampered with my rejuvenating Ayurveda treatment.

Myoka Spa Le Meridien MaltaWhen I am ready Ciara explains step by step the procedure while I listen to her with interest although I have experienced this treatment several more times. Ciara was very polite and discreet and instantly put me at ease with her professional and reassuring manner.

Myoka Spa Le Meridien MaltaThe traditional ‘Elakizhi’ Ayurveda treatment had to do with fresh herb leaves cooked in Ayurvedic oils packed in bundles and applied hot. The technique nourishes, tones and rejuvenates the body cells, alleviates sore muscles and joints, enhances and cleanses the channels of circulation and expels toxins through the sweat.

Myoka Spa Le Meridien MaltaThis pain relief massage was much beyond my expectations and felt the difference instantly. From that point on there was no more pain and felt strong and active once again. What a bliss!

Myoka Spa Le Meridien MaltaMyoka Spa Le Meridien offers a wide choice of massages, from indulgent thermal therapy to more intense deep-tissue treatments. A relaxing massage is a great way to recover from your flight or prepare for the journey home, and each message is individually tailored to your needs….just check and get advice from the professional team. Be sure to check for the special offers selected each month with exclusive prices.

Myoka Spa Le Meridien MaltaBottom Line

Myoka Spa Le Meridien offers a bespoke choice of massage and treatments, designed to heal and rebalance stressed bodies. Therapists are dedicated to restoring harmony to mind, body, and spirit, in a peaceful environment. The Spa facilities create the perfect environment to relax in too, with an indoor heated pool, Jacuzzi, and sauna. Whatever you need to unwind, Myoka Spa is the place to find it.

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  1. The Myoka Spa’s are very popular in Malta indeed. I remember my own experience a year back. I had a facial treat that I still remember! I am glad I came across your website…it travelled me a lot. Keep the good work up Popi.


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