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Nepali Gurkha Restaurant Sofia was our choice this day and is located in Lozenets. We came here for lunch without pre-booking. The interior is nicely decorated and we sat by the log fire to warm ourselves since outside the temperature was many degrees below zero. The temperature inside could be a bit higher though!

Gurkha Restaurant Sofia

We do love Asian cuisine and personally I could not wait to experience the culinary cuisine of the Gurkha Restaurant Sofia.
The decorative elements give the right feeling of what the restaurant represents. The waiter was extremely polite and she made us feel very welcome. I requested to try the taste of the home wine and she gladly brought a little wine in a glass for me to taste before ordering our carafe wine. In the background the music was soft and pleasing, matching with the restaurant’s unique atmosphere.

Gurkha Restaurant Sofia

We opted for the Chicken Curry, Tandoori roasted, Chicken Tika Masala, Garden Salad, Rice, Bread, and of course we ordered a carafe of the house-wine which was also good.

Our order arrived with perfect timing, fresh, hot and full of taste. The curry was simply superb, and in all, whatever we had was amazing. The Chef really knows the art of cooking Indian food and uses fresh ingredients. You can say the food is the best when each dish has its own unique taste, and this is what you get at Gurkha Restaurant Sofia.

Portions were average and the presentation was nice too. Perhaps we got carried away and ordered more than we could consume but this was not a problem. The owners were kind enough to pack what remained for home.


I will certainly return the next time I am back to Sofia. The staff is attentive, gentle and customer service oriented. Our meal was tasty and spicy to the extent that Europeans can stand it. Without doubt, if you enjoy this kind of cuisine, top service and nice atmosphere you should prefer it.


Call and Reserve Your Table +359 88 493 9100


Have you tried the cuisine of the Nepali Gurkha Restaurant? What was your experience like? Your comments are welcomed!



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