Once Upon a Time Koprivshtitsa Guesthouse is an excellent choice! The owner refurbished the old house but kept the typical Koprivshtitsa architecture, and this adds to its value and beauty.We were here recently and spent a memorable weekend.

Entrance to the Courtyard

Once Upon a Time KoprivshtitsaOnce Upon a Time Guesthouse can easily be considered one of the gems of the beautiful historical town of Koprivshtitsa. Check-in usually is at 14:00 but arrived a bit earlier to have time to explore the round area as much as possible.

Once Upon a Time KoprivshtitsaOur host gave us the warmest welcome. Having a young child along, Niko offered to help us carry our bags indoors. He was expecting us anyway, and his first question was if we are Greek.

Once Upon a Time KoprivshtitsaOnce Upon a Time Koprivshtitsa Guest house View

Once Upon a Time KoprivshtitsaFrom then on, the whole conversation was made in Greek as the owner speaks the language fluently, having worked for more than twenty years with professionals in hospitality in the Greek island of Rhodes himself.

Once Upon a Time KoprivshtitsaFrom the moment we stepped foot in the property, we knew we had made a high pick!  Once Upon a Time Guesthouse is within a 6-minute walk of Todor Kableshkov Memorial House. The garden features barbecue facilities.

Once Upon a Time KoprivshtitsaIt was a bit chilly outside and some snow in one or two shaded spots, but upon entering the self-service tavern that Niko led us to, we felt warm and comfortable, and we could not wait to leave bags and come down here for coffee. Our host escorted us to our ‘unbelievably’ beautiful suites -this is how I can describe them. We could not believe our eyes!  Rooms were not only spacious and impeccably clean but provided that extra touch of comfort visitors expect.

My room

Once Upon a Time KoprivshtitsaOnce upon a Time Guesthouse rooms feature traditional Bulgarian home-wood carved ceilings, wooden floors, Bulgarian design furniture, and dark-wood in brightly colored interiors.

Once Upon a Time KoprivshtitsaThere was a fitted corner wooden couch and a big table, a fridge, but a dressing table as well. In the second one, there was a dressing table too, and an extra smaller table.

Once Upon a Time KoprivshtitsaAll pieces of furniture in the Guesthouse are new but have the local traditional design. Wardrobes also, and provided plenty of storage room. You could smell this freshness in the air. Exactly the right place to be for a promising short stay. Niko was discreet and friendly, and we felt as if we were at home.

Once Upon a Time KoprivshtitsaBathroom

Once Upon a Time KoprivshtitsaOnce Upon a Time KoprivshtitsaBathrooms of average size, impeccably clean as well, featuring a walk-in shower with rain shower with a steady flow of water, slippers, a hairdryer, fluffy towels and tubes of shampoo, a soap and shower gel.

Second Room

Once Upon a Time KoprivshtitsaIt wasn’t long when we unpacked and stored everything and descended the wooden staircase to get ourselves some coffee.

Once Upon a Time KoprivshtitsaThe night was very relaxing, and I had a good night’s sleep. The bed at this Speciality Lodging was very comfortable, and the big pillows were the perfect size and quality.

Once Upon a Time KoprivshtitsaOnce Upon a Time KoprivshtitsaThe Self-Service Tavern

Once Upon a Time KoprivshtitsaThe traditional self-service tavern of the Guesthouse was clean and pleasant to sit and relax, and there was this massive fireplace at the other end while a Bulgarian music program on TV with dancers kept reminding us that we were in the countryside of Bulgaria. We had the whole restaurant to ourselves, prepared an espresso each, enjoyed it and accompanied it with a local cheese pie we had along, and we were off to explore the historic town.

Once Upon a Time Koprivshtitsa Although there is no breakfast, guests can use the coffee espresso machine and enjoy snacks they might have along. It was dark when we returned to the guesthouse after dinner of course. We enjoyed the first cup of coffee indoors by the fireplace of the tavern but had a proper traditional breakfast much later at a nice restaurant by the square. A grand suite on the ground floor is soon to be added, with a corner Jacuzzi and works are still in progress. With extreme attention to detail, the results are terrific.

Once Upon a Time KoprivshtitsaVerdict

Once Upon a Time Guesthouse is unique for short or long stays. From the brief chat I had with the owner, I noticed his passion for perfection and respect for his guests. I can’t speak highly enough about this guesthouse and look forward to returning.


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