We had Higher Expectations!

Perfetto Restaurant offers Italian cuisine and it is a Pizza Place with a pleasant interior in Boyana, at the outskirts of Sofia. We came here for dinner urged by friends to try their Lemon Chicken which was supposed to be exceptional, only to find that it is no longer on their present menu list.

Perfetto Restaurant – Bojana

Perfetto Restaurant is a big with garden outside ideal for the summer season. The interior is pleasant and nicely decorated with style and care and there is an oven in the open kitchen where they make pizzas.


The green Salad with fried squid was perhaps the best dish of all. I had a look on the Wine list and found it quite expensive. Instead we had beers, -actually the Zagorka Beer which is local and the bill reached the 85 Leva for 4 persons.

Perfetto Restaurant – Bojana

Main Course

The Exotic Duck presentation

After having an extended look on the menu I opted for the Exotic Duck, but also tried the Chicken with chestnut mousse, sprinkled with plum confit on tagliatelle with gorgonzola. The third dish was Noodles   The Duck was indeed nicely presented however the taste of meat did not leave me satisfied. It was tender all right, but it needed further cooking. I left it untouched and spit out on a paper napkin the first bite. This was enough to spoil my appetite and my night outing on the whole.

Noodles dish were so salty that we had to ask for a second glass of beer. In fact I tried it too and the person who had it was quite disappointed.

Chicken with chestnut mousse

The Chicken was sprinkled with plum confit on tagliatelle with gorgonzola but it was nothing special to like. I had a bite or two only to try it out of curiosity when a family member stated that it was not what he expected.



All in all, we should have come for Pizza in the first place instead, thus we could have avoided experimenting with dishes that although they show on the menu list, yet they are much below average in taste and texture. I would return only out of curiosity perhaps to try their pizzas.


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Have you tried the cuisine of Perfetto? What was your experience like? Your comments are as always welcomed



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