Unfriendly staff!

Perly Asie Restaurant serves Chinese and Asian cuisine and we happened to be passing by the that same afternoon and saw that the tables were all packed with Chinese tourists. With this in mind, we decided to come for dinner that same evening.

Perly Asie Restaurant

Perly Asie RestaurantThe picture was totally different. This time we were the only people in the restaurant and it was a bit late.

Perly Asie RestaurantA very reluctant and unfriendly waiter showed up to take the order. The service was very poor, no smile. We even considered leaving.

Perly Asie Restaurant Prague

Perly Asie RestaurantThe food was filling and well portioned for the price. The tastes, however, were below average, most of it was deep fried lacking flavour. Being so down with our bad choice, the food and poor service I decided not to bother taking more pictures.

Perly Asie RestaurantVerdict

The overall picture we got from the restaurant, the bad service and greasy food spoilt our evening outing. Smart Travelling cannot recommend this restaurant. Probably a tourist trap, or serves big groups booked exclusively by tour agencies. Disappointing!

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed for the Perly Asie Restaurant in this article are, as always my own.

Phone:  +420 222 326 841


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