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Rezydencja Nosalowy Dwór is one of the properties of the Nosalowy complex, connected to the Grand Nosalowy Dwór with an air bridge so guests can get from one property to the other. The complex is uniquely located at the foot of the Nosal Mountain in one of the quiet parts of Zakopane, very close to the Nosal Ski center. We reached the Rezydencja Nosalowy Dwór in the afternoon coming from Krakow.

Nosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa - ZakopaneWe entered the lobby and headed to the reception desk. We were greeted with friendly smiles and a welcome drink to get the ball rolling.

Ground Floor Lounge

Nosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa - ZakopaneThe modern interior on the ground floor has touches of traditional highland influence. The comfortable lounge with its wall to ceiling windows offer plenty of light and a pleasant ambience.

Rezydencja Nosalowy Dwór

Nosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa - ZakopaneThe reception staff of the Rezydencja Nosalowy Dwór was always discreet and polite and ready to help. The staff and management do their best to meet the needs of their guests. I still remember the bag of goodies we had the day of our departure when we had to catch an early corresponding bus from Krakow to Warsaw, but also the umbrella they lent me from the reception of the Grand Nosalowy Dwór next door. Check-in was smooth and the service excellent. We got the key room and headed to our suite, curious to step in and see what the interior was like.


Nosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa - ZakopaneOur suite #1417, was bright and spacious with contemporary clean-lines. We loved the mountain theme interior and the breathtaking mountain’s view.

Rezydencja Nosalowy Dwór

Nosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa - ZakopaneOn this trip I have a local friend along so the request was for two singles. For the European standards, beds are a bit narrow but this is how singles are in Poland anyway! The sheets were cool and crisp. There was plenty of storage-room, a  safe, hairdryer…the room had everything!

Nosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa - ZakopaneThe interior was pleasant and functional with a sofa and another relaxing chair and a stool next to the working desk.
Nosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa - Zakopane
Nosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa - ZakopaneNosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa - ZakopaneI am always happy when I have coffee/tea facilities in the room and there was a mini bar as well.  Housekeeping was great too, and the ladies were very friendly and hard-working.

Mountain View

Nosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa - ZakopaneThe highlight of our room, besides the cozy interior was the breathtaking views over the mountain across and depending on the weather conditions the picture kept changing. With the sun out the greenery on the mountain was so bright.

Rezydencja Nosalowy Dwór

Nosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa - ZakopaneA wet morning in Zakopane!

After the rainfall, everything was sparkling and with the morning mist or clouds the view was still breathtaking.


Nosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa - ZakopaneA well-lit and spacious bathroom with very practical walk-in shower.

Nosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa - ZakopaneThere were a few tubes of toiletries, shampoo & body lotion, but there were hand soap wall dispensers as well. Robes were great and slippers were provided too.

Rezydencja Nosalowy Dwór


Nosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa - ZakopaneAmerican buffet with much variety enough to fill you up till late. There are times, especially during weekends or high season that you have to wait for a while until tables are ready since it is huge, and as a family-friendly hotel there are many kids and children around. At such times it can become a bit noisy but nevertheless, you won’t be disappointed if you are patient a bit, as food is plentiful and tasty. The open kitchen offers omelets and pancakes.


Nosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa - ZakopaneWe enjoyed the buffet of the “Rezydencja the very first evening we dined here. I found it interesting with ample of choice. Variety of salads, Polish and Mediterranean dishes, desserts and seasonal fruit.

Nosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa - ZakopaneI still remember how exceptional I found the oven-cooked beef meat that evening. Consider that I scarcely have meat, what I had, exceeded in taste. Juicy and tenderly tasty!

Air Bridge

This glass passage connects the Grand hotel Nosalowy on the 3rd floor with the Rezitencja Nosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa.

Rezydencja Nosalowy Dwór

We found the joining walkway a bit complicated at first, but after the second attempt it was quite easy for us and we used it a lot the day we were here.


Nosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa - ZakopaneGuests of both hotels (perhaps this is a drawback) have unlimited access to the pools, so expect the pool to be crowded. The 20m swimming pool is extremely popular. Two saunas, one of which Finnish, are also to be found close by the pools, with a steam bath, a Jacuzzi and deck chairs for further relaxation.

What bothered us a lot was that doors and windows were all closed and there was a strong smell in the air of chlorine. For this reason we did not bother use the pool and we were greatly disappointed. The indoor pool might have disappointed us, but I was impressed with the facial I had at the Klinika La Perla Spa of the hotel. Be sure to check the article.

VIP Business Lounge

The very last evening of our stay here, I had the pleasure of meeting in person Luis Nubiola, a Cuban-born Jazz Saxophonist, composer and teacher who happened to be performing live for two nights (Friday and Saturday) in the VIP Business Lounge “Giewont”. Jazz sounds are hard to describe in words. Luis travelled me virtually with his music to dots and spots in Cuba and the Caribbean. It happened that that evening we had dinner invitation at the Bubuja Restaurant, and in reality we did not have another chance to get to the VIP Lounge and see what this Business Lounge has to offer.


The Rezydencja Nosalowy Dwor in Zakopane and the rest of the sister hotels of the Nosalowy Complex are unique for all ages, interests, and budgets, for year-round holidays, romantic getaways, weekends, for short or long stays. We truly enjoyed the quality of service, the beauty of this property and its surroundings. We felt spoilt with all the care and attention and our stay was incredible. I came here as a guest but I feel I left behind friends. I have no doubt that you will enjoy your stay as much as we did. For all the above reasons I highly recommend it.

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Disclaimer: I was a guest at Rezydencja Nosalowy Dwor during this stay, but the opinions expressed in this article are, as always my own.


Were you ever here yourselves? Are you thinking of booking a stay?

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