Positives and Negatives

Ryanair is the airline I constantly use ever since that first trip I had several years back. We must have traveled with this company more than 20 times so far and my last trip once again was a few days back. The photos included here though are from my recent trip to Malta.

The new cabins being introduced as from January 2016 feature more legroom, softer lighting, and better cabin interior colour scheme.

The seats don’t have headrests, don’t recline and armrests are only half, but on a short haul flight, this is fine for the price you get. I missed a seat back pocket to put things in though!


Latest Bag Policy -2018

As from 15 January, the bag policy has been implemented to speed up the boarding of flights and eliminate flight delays. The new policy offers their customers lower bag fees for a 33% increase in their checked bag allowance.

Priority Boarding holders can bring two carry-on bags on the aircraft, which can be added from just €/£5. All other customers will still enjoy the free two bag allowance and can bring one smaller carry-on bag on board, while their second (bigger) wheelie bag will be placed in the hold (free of charge) at the boarding gate.” Priority Boarding can be purchased at the time of flight booking for just €/£5 or added for €/£6 up to 30 minutes before scheduled departure time on the Ryanair App.

Customer service on board

New uniforms look nicer and cabin service was quick and efficient.

I wonder when will they stop the selling of those scratch card games. Even the crew seem not to feel that comfortable when they are out trying to sell them.


Their magazine is missing but passengers can use their own device in flight mode throughout the flight….at least this can keep us busy!


The same old rules apply: Pre-purchase baggage, getting to the airport on time, pay in advance to get seats of your choice, printing your boarding pass out and if you are a non-EU passport holder you need to allow time to get your visa stamp at check-in whether you have bags to check in or not.

If you follow all the above, you will get a comfortable, generally on time and cheap flight.

Recent experience

I arranged tickets to be flexible in case of a possible strike, sickness or bad weather condition cancellation. I pre-booked seats, plus purchased some extra weight. The round-trip with all the above extras came up to €117.00.

Live Chat Service – Rating 2* out of 10

The staff behind must have more than 4 or 5 open chats at the same time and the replies you get are automatic, copy pasting from the text they have in front of them. You try to explain and they copy paste the same text 2 or 3 times. The majority of them seem pathetic and useless.

Air Terminal service

I found the air terminal service exceptional and what I mean is that when on my return flight I was sick I requested the staff at check-in point to accept my luggage much before the check-in counter was open, and they did it with pleasure.

Later on, I was given priority to enter the plane but the only downside was with the seat.

Even though the two seats next to me were free and I was by the exit where space for the feet provides more comfort, yet all handles are steady so you cannot take advantage of the free seat on the side. I guess if I was not that ill, perhaps I would not care that much.


Bottom Line

All in all, what there is to blame are the unprofessional staff of the Live Chat rooms but Ryanair will continue to be one of our budget choice options.


How about you? Would you like to share a good or bad experience you recently had?
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