Culinary Trip to Regions of India!

Saffron Lounge – Doha is the unique place to go to if you are craving for Indian food. The restaurant is located in the Katara, Valley of Culture close to the Amphitheater and the Intercontinental Doha hotel where we were staying

Entering the Indian restaurant

Dividing carved wooden partitions of the Saffron Lounge Doha separate sections, while traditional wood arts decorate the dining lounge. The colorful vitro art, dominates part of the windows and its magnificent chandeliers and marble shining floor make the interior very inviting

Saffron Lounge Doha

Saffron Lounge – Doha, Qatar

Saffron Lounge Doha

The Saffron Lounge Doha represents Indian cuisine in its traditional yet varied regional diversity in a Government backed cultural village “Katara”. As part of the Cultural Village, the major idea is to highlight the culture of India. The food leans towards the traditional and amidst a nostalgic atmosphere overlooking the waters of the Gulf; the guests can mix and match dishes from the North, South, Eastern and Western India

Welcoming pre-starter

Saffron Lounge Doha

Saffron Lounge Doha

Pappadom rolls

The authentic Indian culture is kept in the interior which features exquisite luxury. I found it elegant and stylish with a relaxed and comfortable ambience. Our journey to India started the moment we stepped in and I was here in the capacity of a food critic to comment on the tastes and all that goes with it. The Chef was Pravish Shetty, young and ambitious with a great zeal…these days he is working in Duai at the cuisine of Naya, Jumeira Beach Hotel.


Saffron Lounge Doha

Orange Mango delight

The cuisine is diverse with several menu options of modern Indian food, primarily focused on vegetables, lamb, chicken but also seafood.  I found the flavors well balanced and exotic

Saffron Lounge Doha

All three of us dined in the privé room and started off with pre starters, the Poppadom rolls served with mint and tempered mango chutneys and the Dakshini Tomato shorba with Malai samosa. For a drink we had an Orange Mango delight at the very beginning

Saffron Lounge Doha

Chef Pravish Shetty


The appetizers that followed, the Dilli Tikki Chaat and the Zaffrani Jhinga both exquisite. The first were Almond vegetable cutlets on the bed of Chickpea mash and the latter the Tandoori Prawns in a saffron marinade. I can tell I liked both and in general I love spicy food

Main Course

Saffron Lounge Doha

For a main, the Bengali Lobster masala, -a savory dish I urge you to try. The lobster comes with potatoes served in the shell with caraway tempered rice. It was a delicacy and a tasty treat with rich taste. Once you try it you will definitely want more


Saffron Lounge Doha

The Murgh Makhni, a super flavoursome soup!

Saffron Lounge Doha

Chicken Biryani presentation

The Chicken Biryani was irresistible! It is a rice-based dish made with spices, rice and meat (eggs and vegetables). This is served in traditional copper pots and it is Chicken cooked in an aromatic sauce layered with saffron rice. The presentation was a feast to the eyes, a well-balanced and flavorsome dish. In reality it is a baked pie crust and when cut, it reveals a succulent exquisite taste

Saffron Lounge Doha

Dessert / Tea

Saffron Lounge Doha

Three Sixty Doha

When it came to dessert we had the Halwa-Jamun-Malai, a trio of Semolina Pudding, Caramelized milk dumplings topped with saffron reduced milk and Rose flavored milk cakes. Each with its particular taste, finger liking choice where you can sense the texture with every bite

Tea Lounge

Saffron Lounge Doha

The Tea lounge serves different teas all day long with snacks and salads

Saffron Lounge


This was one of those meals where every single bite tasted incredible while the quality and standard of food high. Quite different from other Indian restaurants where food is over-flavoured, greasy and overcooked.I would not think twice about recommending the Saffron Lounge Doha to my closest friends and family so you must check it out! The experience was memorable.

Disclaimer: I was a guest at Saffron Lounge Doha during this visit, but the opinions expressed in this article are, as always my own.

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What do you think about Indian food? Have you been to Saffron Lounge? Your comments are mostly welcomed



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