Save money with currency exchange is another tip you should consider when traveling and we indicate ways on how to be smart with this. Holiday expenses are not just the air ticket but a number of small adjustments we can make to cut costs. Smart Travelling shares some tips on how to be smart and Save Money with Currency Exchange. Try to get the most out of your trip without breaking the bank. Happy travels everyone!

Save Money with Currency Exchange

Let the Bank Know

If you are traveling abroad you ought to call your bank and Credit card Company and let them know so they prevent fraud alerts and any transactions from a third party occurring in the account. The bank will inform you of possible potential fees you might incur which you can plan ahead.

Debit Cards

Most ATMs charge a small fee per transaction and several banks charge an international fee too. It is preferable to open an account with a bank that waives international fees or avoid as possible making multiple withdrawals.

 Credit Cards

  • People who travel regularly need a better solution for a card and cash payments, thus it is advisable to apply for a credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees. Cash advances should be avoided as they will be hit with high transaction and interest fees at all costs.
  • Avoid exchanging money upon arrival at the airport as the rates there are the worst. Never use exchange bureaus at airports unless you have no other alternative. Exchange fees altogether can be avoided by using a debit card and withdrawing cash from an ATM.

Save on Medication

Allergy medications, vitamins, and others are mostly overpriced at airports and in tourist areas. You can pay double or triple the regular price at times, so it is advisable to pack a small bag of medication in your carry-on bag and keep prescription medication in its pharmaceutical bottle with the original label. Liquid medications are not subject to TSA restrictions but you should follow the extra steps to avoid unforeseen issues.

Wear layers

Wearing layers is always a smart idea no matter where you are traveling to, and it can end up saving you money.

Pack snacks and an empty water bottle

An empty water bottle can easily past airport security. Once you are through fill up your bottle to have something to drink while you travel. It will save you a few cash each time you are thirsty. On the alternative, you would buy a drink. A fruit, cereal bars, or biscuits will save you from overpaying snacks as well.

Use Wi-Fi where possible to Make Calls and Text

  • Try to avoid the extra charges of text messages and check in with your mobile carrier about international text and calling charges before you leave so you know what additional costs might apply.
  • Viber, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Web are a few great ways to avoid costly additional charges and by all means, avoid using public Wi-Fi as it comes with risk.

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