Sheraton Grand Krakow Club Lounge overlooks the open-plan interior of the ground floor and the spectacular glass roof atrium. The triangular awnings and the stylized sail stretching over the tables look as if they provide shelter and give the feeling of being outdoors, or in a sailing boat.

We came to the Sheraton Grand Krakow Club Lounge mostly out of curiosity before our dinner. The atmosphere throughout the Sheraton Grand Krakow Club Lounge is second to none, and the Club Lounge is a relaxing day-long place.

A lovely late afternoon treat bebefore dinner a glass sparkling Prosecco.Similar Club or Executive Lounges found in Luxury hotels offer their exlusive guests a special breakfast, afternoon tea and evening dining. They offer juice and soft drinks and have open alcohol bars with the appropriate nuts, chips or chocolates. You can drop in any time of the day for tea or a soft drink besides the fixed time they have for lunch or the evening  d’oeuvres.

Sheraton Grand Krakow Club Lounge

The evening d’oeuvres at the Sheraton Grand Krakow Club Lounge were plentiful and nicely displayed. Everything looked so fresh and tempting, hard to resist!

After a busy day’s sight-seeing tour we enjoyed the relaxed ambience in the comfort of the Club Lounge -opened from 5 to 7 pm


I found this Club Lounge of the Sheraton Grand Krakow Hotel in exceptional,  counting in the quality of the food offered, the presentation  and the nice atmosphere in general.


Were you ever here yourselves? Are you thinking of booking a stay?

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