Sofia taxi companies, in general, offer cheap taxi fares, but even if several of them are reliable, a great number tend to overcharge. The worst of all is that unfortunately one of these methods is perfectly legal. So, to avoid falling into the trap that taxi drivers might lead you to, be sure to check the tips below.

General Taxi rates in Sofia

  • Initial Charge: 0.60 – 0.90 leva €30 – €0.45
  • Daytime rate per kilometer (6am – 10pm): 0.69 – 0.90 lv. €35 – €0.45 per km
  • Nighttime rate per kilometer (10pm – 6am): 0.70 – 0.99 lv. 35 – 0.50 per km
  • Waiting rate: 0.24 lv. per minute €0.12
  • Call-out charge: 0.90 lv. €0.25 – €0.45

Reliable Sofia Taxi Companies

Most of the 4,800 taxis in Sofia work for several prominent taxi companies: OK SuperTrans, 91280, Taxi-S-Express, SoFIATaxi, Taxi for 1 Euro, Taxi for $1, Omega.

Sofia Taxi Companies

Green Taxi

There is a new Nature-friendly taxi company in Sofia called Green Taxi – driving green coloured Toyota Prius hybrid cars with free Wi-Fi Internet access in the car.

The Downside of Sofia Taxi Companies

Misleading logos

Beware of the following Taxi scam. Many of the “expensive” taxis are using names and logos that look like the logo and the name of OK SuperTrans. Names like OK SuperChance, OK SofiaTrans, OK ExtraTrans, OK VelirSim, CK SuperTrans, CK Something, etc. They count on the fact that the customers know the brand and its prices and they won’t take a look at the price list. Always check the prices before you enter the car.

Scam Taxis rates

Scam taxis have a rate of 3.60 leva, €1.80 per km, or a waiting fee of 5 leva per minute (€2.50). To avoid such taxis the government and the municipality are requiring every taxi to have its unified price list listed as stickers to all door windows, to the windshield and the dashboard of the car in front of the front passenger seat.

Sofia Taxi CompaniesHow to Avoid Paying Extra

  1. Make sure you check the rate of a particular taxi before you enter the car to avoid taxi scams.
  2. Upon entering the taxi, a while later you notice that you got an expensive one, don’t hesitate to request the taxi driver to stop instantly, pay and get a new taxi. Don’t be shy and wait for the final destination.
  3. Take a look at the price list at the front windshield before entering. Scam taxi drivers tend to open all the car windows because of the heat in summer only to hide the price lists that show on the rare windows.
  4. Usually, drivers of scam taxis start a conversation immediately after you step in, with questions to distract you from the price list that is on the dashboard so have this in mind.
  5. Other times, the rates might be the standard, but the taxi driver ‘forgets’ to turn on the taximeter. In this case, demand the driver to turn it on instantly. Don’t be shy; otherwise, he will tell you a higher price than what you are expected to pay.  If he insists on technical issues, tell him you will get another cab.
  6. You are not obliged to pay anything as there is no price on the taxi meter. (Do not think that if you reach your final destination and the taxi meter does not show anything you cannot pay. Some of those drivers get aggressive, and sometimes they call their colleagues over the radio to help them).
  7. Most of the so-called “fake” taxis are counting on finding customers that are not from Sofia, that is why they tend to wait for customers near the train station, the central bus station, the airport and next to the central hospitals.

Sofia Taxi Companies

Sofia Airport Taxis

At Sofia Airport Terminal 2 there are two road lines. The inner which is next to the airport entrance is allowed only for public transportation, hotel shuttle vans, and OK SuperTrans taxis. The second one on the outside of the airport is allowed for everybody.  “Fake” taxis are not allowed to stop there so what they do is passing by really slow hoping that somebody will wave them.

Reliable Taxis – Airport & Central Bus Station

To stop this kind of scam the Sofia Airport and the Central Bus Station have a contract with the biggest and most reliable Sofia taxi companies, the OK SuperTrans. Their cars are handling all passengers from these locations.

Scam Taxis by the Central Railway Station

The Central Railway Station, however, does not have such contract, so most of these ‘fake and expensive’ taxis are waiting for naive tourists out there.

Fake Invoices/receipts

A recent discovery showed that a number of the OK Super Trans company drivers overcharge passengers from Sofia Airport with the excuse of a flat rate fee of €20 – €40 from the Airport to the center. They give fake invoices issued by a non-existing company and don’t turn on the meter.  Such thing is absurd.  For this purpose, there are signs at the airport stating the cost.

In the case that a driver insists that there is a flat rate fee, ask him to stop, take his car number -seek for it on the price stickers, and call the taxi company, or get back to the airport, there is OK SuperTrans office and file a complaint on that particular driver.

Bus and Taxi fare from Sofia Airport to City Center

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