Souvenirs from China are unique and the very best have a little story to tell about the country and its people. So if you wish to get an idea of the best souvenirs to bring home from China check the listed things below. As always we travel light but this trip was an exception and we did the opposite. We flew to China very light but returned with lots of interesting souvenirs. It happened that we had free baggage allowance as Senator card-holders of Lufthansa. In reality, with this card, we made it easy for a few friends who were in our group and had excess weight as well. We returned with several of these souvenirs mentioned on the list below, but with the exception of Jade.

The Best Souvenirs from China


Personally, I love tea! It is quite easy to find many different types of tea by the gram in many supermarkets in Beijing. The ideal thing to do is to visit the historic tea shops and tea-houses scattered throughout Beijing’s traditional hutong neighbourhoods in the city centre. In these settings, travellers can relax and discover Chinese tea in the cultural environment where it is most authentically understood and appreciated.


Fine delicate porcelain is another popular souvenir for tourists made of a fine delicate material –an important invention of the ancient Chinese people and can be found in many markets and speciality stores throughout China.

The Best Souvenirs from China


The famous Chinese kite and its long history of cultural significance began thousands of years ago. Beneath the clouds, there is a Chinese art form that has glided through history. This ancient relic brings the colours and patterns of the ancient dynasties to the city skies of modern China. Many of them are impressive works of art.  A Chinese kite in ancient times would have used simple materials such as wood and cloth. They were often made to resemble the shapes of birds. Today, elaborate and large designs can be seen flying above parks in China. They will often resemble real animals and members of the Chinese Zodiac. Some kites will have LED lights attached to allow for night flights and fun light shows.

Chinese Silk

Centuries ago, silk was produced solely in China, and the method of its production was a closely guarded secret. This made silk a supremely luxurious Far East export, and silk masters in China became the best in the world. Since then, China no longer holds the secrets of silk production but remains one of the best places in the world to find silk at its finest.

Nice silk clothing can be quite expensive, depending on the quality. The same goes for bedding sets, but smaller items such as pillowcases, bags, and accessories are more affordable and widely available at tourist sites.

The Best Souvenirs from China

Sichuan Pepper

This specific pepper stands out among China’s seasonings as its taste is slightly sweet and numbing, rather than hot. This gives dishes made with it a peculiar taste that you can easily replicate at home with the right seasonings. Easy to find, in nearly every supermarket in China, however, the best is found right in the heart of Sichuan in Chengdu. It is sold at local markets and shops alike.


Jade is a buyer beware! It is one of the potentially trickier souvenirs to buy; unless you’re buying from a government-licensed operator, the same rules apply with antiques too. If in doubt, ask your tour guide or preferably a local. Some tour guides are paid commissions for the sales they bring in, so you want to be 100% confident that you’re buying the real deal.


Tips on Bargaining

You will come across many vendors selling souvenirs or food at almost every tourist destination in China. They will definitely ‘stick’ to your hands and follow you for a long way, just by asking about price. If you are not planning to buy, simply ignore them. Generally, when you are bargaining, cut prices by 2/3. If they do not accept your price, pretend to leave and refuse to buy their goods. They might call you back and sell to you at your price. When bargaining, you may also tell them that the goods are dispensable to you but do it with a warm smile.



Are there any other souvenirs you bought for home while in China? What is the one souvenir one should not leave without buying from this country?


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