Stress-free Travel would be ideal, however, this is not easily achieved and the reasons vary. Many people travel as a way to relieve stress but for some others, travelling can also induce travel stress which is a feeling of mental strain and pressure related to travelling.  Travel stress can lead to people having a negative vacation experience. Overwhelmed with the planning of the trip, the air travel experience, yet the concern for the safety of the country you are visiting can cause much stress.

Stress-free Travel

Having difficulty in handling unexpected events, having unrealistic expectations, even financial strain are three more to add to the list.  Follow the steps below to achieve staying stress-free on your next vacation.

Key Steps and Advice for Stress-free Travel

Update your Visa

Ensure the papers you have are valid to enter the country much ahead.

Let your Bank Know

Keep your bank informed of your upcoming trip and assure to give the dates you are going to be away. The last thing you want when travelling is to have your credit or debit cards blocked due to suspicious transactions which can damage your credit report.

Read about the Destination

Find out as much as you can through websites, even guidebooks about the place you are visiting. Check food locations, the sites worth visiting, and try to find the right accommodation. While travelling, ensure that you go to the very best places.

Key Steps and Advice for Stress-free Travel

Stress-free Travel

Unrealistic Expectations

It is not bad to daydream of your upcoming holidays, thinking about how amazing everything would be once you get to your chosen destination. However, if expectations are too high, they are going to be tough to meet.

The glamorized Instagram photos, the glowing reports and websites could be misleading, highlighting only the positive aspects of a place, or the unrealistic expectations we have in our mind. Better be prepared that it could happen and try to let the destination speak for itself.

So, how you could handle this:

  • Daydream away, but don’t expect wholly perfection
  • Expect that there would be negative aspects to any trip and destination
  • Be flexible and don’t let any of the flaws get in the way. Focus on the positive experience and enjoy them!

Concentrate on the goals of your trip and the things you wanted to do and see.

Realize that you cannot predict the future and there is nothing you can do about things that are going to happen when you get home. Spending time worrying while on a vacation won’t make them better.

Air Travel Stressors

Stress-free Travel

Navigation through the airport and getting on your flight can also be a stressful part of your trip. So check some more tips to help you have a happy vacation from start to finish!

It is easy to get caught up in the last-minute rush and forget certain things. Better be prepared before you get in the queue so you don’t get caught out.

Be ready for security

Stress-free Travel

Take off belts and coats, large gadgets, laptops and camera and be prepared for a full-body search just in case.

Key Steps and Advice for Stress-free Travel

Stress-free Travel

Ensure gadgets are charged

Mobile phones must have enough charge on them for passengers to prove they switch on at security in order to take them on the flight.

Unattended baggage

Stress-free Travel

Unattended baggage is an instant red flag for officials and the automatic assumption will be that it is a threat. If security doesn’t get to it, then there is the possibility that someone else might and passengers can’t be sure that no one has tampered with their bags and put anything in, that shouldn’t be in there.

Know the guidelines on Specific things

There are still so many passengers not aware that they can take foods through security with them. These could be fruit and solid foods, but not food in a liquid of course.  A cigarette lighter is also prohibited through security, but just one which should remain on their person through the flight.

Guidelines on Duty-free

It is worth checking the guidelines on what you can bring back home when purchasing alcohol, jewellery, tobacco or cigarettes. Passengers can be liable to pay the tax on items over their worth on landing, even having items confiscated.

Get to know the prohibited list

Stress-free Travel

Most items on this list are common sense, such as vehicle fuel, tear gas and fireworks, but have you known that items like toy guns –if flying with children for example, and party poppers –if flying as a hen or stag group, that many might not think are an issue when in fact they are!

Key Steps and Advice for Stress-free Travel

Plane Oxygen Masks

It has been revealed, in case of emergency, when oxygen masks fall, last as little as 15 minutes of air so during that time the pilot attempts to descend into an oxygen zone. In the case that he cannot get to 12.000 feet after 15 minutes, everyone on board will pass out!

It is advisable for parents to use their oxygen masks first and it does make sense.

Passengers using oxygen masks are always advised to put on their own first, and this makes sense as it takes 30 to 60 seconds to lose consciousness as an adult, while children are much smaller and so have longer.

Stress-free Travel

Don’t make jokes that cause offence

Avoid making any distasteful jokes on the aeroplane. They could cause panic or discomfort to fellow passengers and can be enough to get passengers removed from their flight and taken away by security. Topics such as national security and terrorism are taken very seriously.

Keep Drinking to a Minimum

Drinking too much may lead to a passenger being refused entry to the flight, even escorted off the board. They can be a nuisance and also a security threat. It is not worth the risk. The more alcohol consumed the less likely it is that someone will be in full control. Better keep it to one or two and begin the indulgence when arriving at your holiday destination.

Long-haul Flights

Stretch your legs whenever you can but also leave your seat and walk around for a while, at intervals.

Worries relevant to Post-Travel Experience

Try to keep your mind on the present and your vacation and don’t dwell on the things that need to be done when you return home as there is nothing you can do. You will be able to handle them when back home. Immerse yourself in the trip and relax. The more relaxing the trip is, the more post-trip benefits it can have for you.

Mosquito bites

Taking this particular Vitamin B12 before travel can help prevent mosquito bites.

Hand sanitizer

It is ideal to use a hand sanitizer after visits to the toilet, touching money or before and after eating.

Sun protection

When choosing a sunscreen, the label should have on it the letters ‘UVA’ in a circular logo. A four-star UVA protection and at least SPF15 sunscreen to protect against UVB.


Assure that your vaccinations are up to date. Check if you require any new ones before your travel especially if you are travelling outside of the EU.

In all, as long as you stick to some common sense principles, you’ll be well-organized for a healthy and happy time away. The above tips above will help you understand your own travel stress and find ways to prevent or reduce it.


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