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Taro Restaurant Malta is the newly revamped flagship restaurant of Le Méridien St. Julian’s Hotel & Spa, geared to whet anybody’s appetite with fresh fish, aged meats as well as a varied selection of dishes for vegetarians in a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. The interior incorporates luxury accents and a comfortable atmosphere.

One of the three nights of our stay at the Le Méridien St. Julian’s Hotel & Spa, I arranged to try the cuisine of the Taro restaurant Malta, wherein the capacity of a food critic I sampled choices from the à la carte menu which I chose with the help of the executive Chef Adrian Buttigiega. We chatted for a while and then Adrian was off to the kitchen where with Ryan Galea the Chef of the cuisine prepared exclusively for us that evening.

Taro Restaurant Malta

There were only two other couples at the Taro restaurant when we came in, so it was easy getting a table. A few other people turned up whilst we were there but despite it being quiet there was a good atmosphere and the setting was really pleasant and well decorated. The table was large and well laid out providing a high-end feel.

We had a few friendly chats with the waiting staff and Mario helped a lot with the choice of wine. Having a look at the wine list, there was a good range of reasonably priced wines by both the bottle and glass and I can say what we had was served well and it was nice. To get the meal started I ordered oysters to accompany a glass of Prosecco Martini and the entire meal was paired with a bottle of Cabernet Medina Girgena, a refreshing Rosé with fruity tones.

Taro Restaurant Malta

Oysters on the half shell were a delight and the best way to start off tonight’s meal. It wasn’t long before we had the rest of the starters.

Taro Restaurant Malta


Having a very late lunch earlier that day I requested portions to be much smaller, so what you see on the platter and the main course are not the normal portions.

Our five in all assorted horse d’oeuvres were genuinely delicious and nicely presented on an oblong wooden flat platter, each with its superb flavour and taste. Monkfish and chicken wing, Oyster, seawater pearls with balsamic vinaigrette, local Prawns wrapped in Lardo di Colonatta, Norwegian Salmon gravalax, and Gold Fin Tuna with Vicky mussels.

Taro Restaurant Malta

Melissa the restaurant’s manager, as well as Rodney, constantly dropped by to check if everything was fine. Rabbit is a popular local dish in Malta, so I requested if I could try it out here, so the Chefs sent the Braised Rabbit with Pomme Anna and it was the most delicious rabbit leg I have had for years. Thumbs up!

Main Course

The pan-fried Baracuda Fillet makes a great choice for a main which stood out visually and tasted divine. Catch of the day, firm in texture with an exquisite taste, was out of this world! Bravo to the Chefs.

Before we knew it, it was time for dessert. Time flies when you’re having fun and it was already midnight by then. I was already full and I could certainly do without any. For dessert I am always after a light option and my friend had her own choice.


So finally, to finish off the evening we had two excellent choices.  I had the warm Pear and Blueberry crumble, with Citrus Creamy Vanilla Ice cream, dry mango and Strawberry Gel. Extremely tasty and yummy! My friend opted for the Dark Chocolate fondant, Berry compote with ice cream and loved every bite!

Taro Restaurant Malta

Bottom Line

This meal was amazing! At the end of the day, the flavors were so good that I have to rank it well, along with the atmosphere. I bet you will also feel special when here like we did. Taro restaurant Malta, delivers the utmost care of every detail and the menu will delight you. It is one of those restaurants where you can rest assured that everything will be good. Simply order your favourite and rely on the chef. Our whole meal was further enhanced by the superb service that made all the difference. The staff –Mario, Melissa and Rodney, were all very delightful and helpful in every way. Highly recommended!

Disclaimer: I was a guest at the Taro Restaurant Malta during this visit, but the opinions expressed in this article are, as always my own.


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Have you tried the cuisine of the Taro Restaurant? What was your experience like? Comments are welcomed



  1. Hi and congrats for your nice work Popi! I came across your website and thought to comment since my wife and I stayed at the Le Meridien in Malta a few months ago. We also had enjoyed the cuisine of the Taro Restaurant and our favorite dish was the pan-fried Baracuda Fillet too. 🙂

  2. Popi, your smart and interesting writing and your beautiful photos make your website a joy to read and look at, even if we might never get to the particular place, it is a pleasure. A brilliant travel site.


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