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Taverna Costa Navarino is the restaurant where you can taste the most popular local homemade Messinian dishes. The recipes are based on time which revived through the ‘Messinian Gastronomy Plan’ an initiative of The Westin Resort Costa Navarino to preserve and promote Messinian culinary tradition. Taverna Costa Navarino is a seasonal restaurant and operates during the summer from 19:00 to 23:00 hours.

You will find here traditional dishes based on old local recipes, which revived through the “Messinian Gastronomy Plan” an initiative of Costa Navarino to preserve and promote Messinian culinary tradition. The menu includes awarded recipes, and all vegetables and fruits used, grow in the grounds of the hotels!


To get a full feel for the theme of the restaurant it is best to start with appetizers. Everything was so fresh and flavoursome!

Taverna Costa Navarino

We were here for dinner the very last evening of our 4-night stay at the Westin Resort Costa Navarino and the Taverna Costa Navarino was another great choice.  It is the unique spot where residents can enjoy authentic Greek flavours in a casual quality dining concept.

‘Tyrokafteri’ –spicy and super yummy cheese spread, the grilled octopus with Fava beans salad from Santorini, both finger licking good! Talagani with grilled mushrooms from Taygetos Mountain. We would ask for Talagani in almost every restaurant. I bet you will love it. It is worth giving it a try.

Crunchy Fried Potatoes topped with the Greek Feta cheese. Every dish was mouthwatering and every bite exploding with flavour and taste!

Grilled Talagani Cheese

Main course

For the main course we had the catch of the day accompanied by grilled vegetables. It had some of the perfect texture and taste I could ever dream of! Scrumptious, with a nice appealing presentation…get ready for a taste of heaven!


We were spoiled for choice with dessert. Out of the list, we had them all and tastes were exceptional. Big thumbs up!

From “Diples” Deep fried dough with fig sorbet, walnuts and honeycomb, to “Groustillant with praline and Fleur de sel” Cremeux with spices and caramel sauce, to Grandma Katerina’s  Walnut cake accompanied with Kaimaki ice-cream.

“Greek Yoghurt” -Greek strained yoghurt with homemade spoon sweets and finally a variety of seasonal Fruits (for 2 persons) matured & freshly-sliced. What an inventive, colourful and outstanding presentation that was!


Taverna Costa Navarino is the restaurant where fusion meets traditional, Greek textures and scents. You should definitely have one such culinary trip when here. The restaurant operates during the summer from 19:00 to 23:00 hours. It provides the opportunity for telephone reservations and for special menu orders that are not included in the lists.

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Have you tried the cuisine of the Taverna Costa Navarino? Tell us what you liked most. Smart Travelling would love to hear your comments



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