The Cuban people attracted much of our attention and interest on this first trip. Cuba is a country overflowing with music & culture and the majority of its people are warm and hospitable. Despite how different we look and live people are essentially the same everywhere. Cuba is a melting pot of influences including native, Asian, African and European. During our stay in Cuba, I tried to look locals directly into the eyes in an attempt to capture as much as their inner spirit. Young ladies with beautiful faces and enchanting eyes. Some could not understand English but despite the slight language barrier there were always smiles on their face.

The Cuban PeopleCubans seem to care about their appearance and presentation. Attention is given to personal hygiene and great pride is taken in being well dressed, even if simple clothing is used.

The Cuban PeopleThe Cuban People

Just like the people from any country, Cubans have their own bespoke sense of humour and one which can take a little getting used to. It mainly reflects the hardships that many Cubans have experienced in the past, hence a sometimes black and sensational sense of humour, like for example – based on dark situations.

The Cuban PeopleIf you are keen on travelling and experience different cultures, you are most likely to meet good people but also some bad. The Cuban people are proud of their nationality and despite their poverty, will also often share what little they have which is kindness or hospitality!

The Cuban People

The Cuban PeopleThe Cuban people are dynamic and complex, worldwide famous for their musical prowess. Many Cubans sing and dance with such passion, rhythm and style as music is part of the national identity. Politics has also played an important role in shaping the identity of the Cuban people and this continues to reflect the culture and people.

The Cuban PeopleDespite difficult times and hardship, Cuban people continue to be very warm and friendly and are lively and expressive people. Like any destination in the world, if you go to Cuba without showing any respect to the locals then your own experience might be a negative one.

The Cuban People

The Cuban peopleBottom Line

Visually, Havana is an artist’s dream- the balance of beauty and decay, color and crumbling stone, vibrancy and dismay- these visual contrasts meet the eye and send the heart fluttering.  But beneath it all, Cuba is in the midst of much-needed social and political change. Tourists might not want Havana to change, as if the loosening of the communist grip would ruin a place so full of history and beauty. Our trip is over by now, a trip full of memories –late night talks with locals, and images of rotting buildings that once stood tall and proud. Havana’s re-emergence into modernity is one of a beauty, triumph, and promise of better future for a vibrant culture that can never lose its charm.


Did you enjoy this post? If you have been to Cuba, how would you describe the people?



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