The Vatican Museums are a ‘must visit’ when in Rome. It is highly recommended to devote a whole day exploring the fabulous Vatican City. The Vatican Museums are a haven of priceless artwork and religious artefacts –the biggest collection of art, worldwide. It is impressive and architecturally stunning!

Best time to Visit

The Vatican Museums

If you wish to beat the crowds when visiting the Vatican Museums, get in line by 7:30 a.m. – 7:45 a.m. The museum opens at 9:00 a.m. The dress code –See that you have your shoulders covered, no mini and no shorts. Preferably carry along a light scarf to cover up if needed.

The Vatican Museums

Purchase Tickets

Try skipping the line tickets if possible. The first things to see is Saint Peter’s Basilica and tour the Vatican Museums. If you lack time, do the first preferably.

The Vatican Museums
The School of Athens

The Vatican Museums Homepage


The estimating time needed to see the Vatican Museums city is around 3 hours and at least one more to see St. Peter’s Basilica.  In case you don’t have the time, make it a half day.

The Vatican Museums

Saint Peter Basilica – Duration 60 minutes

You can enjoy the freedom to explore Saint Peter Basilica at your own pace with the help of your mobile phone or tablet.

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The Sistine Chapel

The Vatican Museums

The Sistine Chapel of the Vatican Museums was built the year 1477 with the contribution of various artists and it is a marvel! What stands out here is mostly the ceiling, the fresco paintings were Michaelangelo’s first real attempt at fresco painting.

Starting in 1508 Michelangelo painted around 5000 square feet by himself in four years. He created an entirely new style of painting where figures look strong with huge muscles. It really goes to show you what one man can accomplish when he puts his mind to it.

A part in the ceiling shows how Michelangelo got mad at the Pope, so he painted a figure mooning him, while Michelangelo was able to tell much of a story behind another of his paintings found by the front wall -the Last Judgement.

The Vatican Museums

Rafael Rooms

The Vatican Museums

As you tour the Raphael Rooms in the Vatican Museums, you will admire frescoes that feature the Battle of Constantine against Maxentius, the School of Athens and several more.

The Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums

The unique route to take is through the Hall of Constantine, the Room of Heliodorus, the Room of the Signature and the Room of the Fire in that order.

The Vatican Museums

Gallery of the Maps

The Vatican Museums

There is so much detail given, precision and care taken to create each masterpiece!  There are 40 in all maps frescoed on the walls, each one representing regions of Italy and the papal properties of Pope Gregory XIII (1572-1585). Behind all these maps’ masterpieces are the drawings of the famous geographer Ignazio Danti (1580 and 1585)

Papal Audience

The Pope blesses the crowd when in Rome every Sunday at noon in St. Peter’s Square and addresses crowds at the Vatican every Wednesday at 11 a.m. Papal audience service in St. Peter’s Square is Free.

Coffee Bar

The ‘Sistina’ Coffee Bar is located on the stairs leading to the Sistine Chapel entrance, but there is another one, quite overpriced café inside the Vatican Museums.

Lunch outside the Museum

The Vatican Museums

On our last visit, we had lunch at a typical Roman trattoria owned by two brothers. It is called ‘Dino e Toni’. A friendly restaurant located just around the corner from the Vatican. Come hungry! Don’t expect a menu here, just nod when they ask if you want antipasto, then pasta, then meat and finally dessert.

Via Leone IV, 60 | +39 06 3973 3284 | Mon-Sat 12:00-15:00 & 19:30-23:00 Reservations Recommended


The Vatican Museums

We loved the Tiramisu of the Pasticceria Barberini which is small here, about the size of a golf ball, served in an edible chocolate bowl. It has been serving the great people of Rome since 1925.

The Vatican Museums

Via Marmorata, 41|Monday-Sunday: 6:30am-9pm.

Gran Caffee La Caffettiera

The Vatican Museums

Close to the Pantheon and with a bustling feel, La Caffettiera is the Roman colony of a famous Neapolitan bar empire. The smell of fresh espresso wafting through the air, and a plate full of rich and creamy tiramisu landing in front of you. The Tiramisu is served as a slice of cake with a larger quantity of the creamy mascarpone layer and fewer ladyfingers. With the perfect balance of espresso and chocolate sprinkled on top, you’ll have the perfect boost in your day.

Piazza di Pietra, 65|Monday-Friday: 7:30am-9pm; Saturday: 8:30am-9pm; Sunday: 9am-9pm


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