Travel with Eurail Pass in Europe is quite popular nowadays. Although budget flights have made air travel more affordable, trains are more popular to explore Europe. Travelling by train on short journeys or trips with good connections can prove faster, not to mention that you don’t have to go through airport security. If you plan to see more of the continent though, a Eurail -also known as Eurorail pass is a good option. Read further down to check the benefits of the Eurail Pass and several things you should consider while planning your trip.

Travel with Eurail Pass

Go for it or Not

The trickiest question is if Eurail Pass worth the money! Well, it is if you have time enough to search for the best connection out of long distance rides and if the journey itself is part of your travel experience.

Participating Countries

Eurail participating countries are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Travel with Eurail Pass

Travel with Eurail Pass

Useful for Whom

For people travelling in western and northern Europe, specifically Switzerland, Germany and Scandinavia. If you don’t mind travelling for five or more hours on each journey, a Eurail Pass will save you money and effort.

If spending more time in Italy or some Easter European country the Eurail Pass won’t get you as much out of it. Perhaps you should consider getting a pass for the west and use point-to-point tickets in cheaper areas.

Benefits and things to Consider

A Eurail Pass allows you unlimited train travel in Europe and comes in many different forms. You need to decide the region you wish to travel to, the time spent there, and if your ticket would be first or second-class.

A Global Pass allows you to travel throughout the whole region but beware, not all European countries participate in the Eurail scheme, those that don’t are mostly in Eastern Europe.

Travel with Eurail Pass

Discount on Food

With your Eurail Pass, you get 10% off on food at selected Hard Rock Cafes in Europe. Just present your valid Eurail Pass before ordering.

Extra Fees

Have in mind that not all trains are free with the Eurail Pass. Some request reservations and this means you have to pay extra to reserve a seat or a couchette. These are the international and night trains.

Travel with Eurail Pass


Most Eurail Passes have a time limit -something to be considered! The Global Pass offers a ‘continuous’ option, a daily travel within the validity of the pass. That could be between 15 days and three months.  Eurail passes offer unlimited travel with choices of three, four or five countries depending on the length of the trip.

Discounts and Class

If under 28 you can buy a discounted second-class ticket. If you are over 28, you buy a first-class ticket. You get a 15% with the Saver ticket if you are two or more!

Travel with Eurail Pass

Travel with Eurail Pass

Use Technology

Use technology to help you plan ahead and know exactly when to alight. The Rail Planner App has a feature that allows you to see all upcoming stops. Combined with a pre-loaded or offline Google Maps of your route, you can use this to know exactly where and when to hop off.

Travel with Eurail Pass

Travel with Eurail Pass

Choose a Seat with View

There’s nothing quite like sitting on the side of the train that has the best view. Read up about your train journey ahead of time and establish which side of the train gets most of the action.  If you’re unsure, check travel forums or have a look on Google Maps for attractions like lakes, mountains, and the ocean views when making your decision.

Best Purchase

Buying your Eurail Pass from home saves you an average 20% compared to buying from main stations and still without having the full range of options. The online store will ship your Eurorail pass within Europe, but you will have to pay hefty shipping fees although often free to countries outside Europe!

Choose the right Eurail Pass for your needs

Travel with Eurail Pass

With three broad categories to choose from, make sure to purchase the right one for you to get the best value and experience.

Global Pass – for 5 or more countries

Select Pass – for up to 4 bordering countries

One Country Pass – for travel in a single country

Within each of these categories, you have further options to personalize your Pass. Take the Eurail Passfinder for a spin and find the one that fits your needs the best.

Bottom Line

After all, you must have realized by now that it is not that cheap to travel with Eurail, but if you think wisely it makes sense to buy the Global Pass as long as you go for a long trip around Europe with no fixed plan. You have the flexibility to enjoy the time that pleases you at each destination and the use of local trains that pass by big cities, tiny villages and landscapes will make your trip memorable. The train trip can be considered as part of the whole experience and it is worth it, making you feel like a local in between trains, taste local cuisine at the stations, meet new people and at the same time learn about different cultures. So, what do you think? Will you go for it?



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